House Democrats embrace their comfortable bubble of fantasy early.


Many Democrats have not been pleased with President Obama’s lack of involvement or interest in both them and their campaigns over the past few years, and have been getting increasingly restive about it — but certain House Dems left their three-day retreat yesterday apparently feeling enervated [sic] by the White House’s announced commitment to various fundraising events with the DCCC and the DSCC in 2013, and the promise of even more in 2014 as the midterms get closer, reports The Hill


Solid Seats: 208 Rep, 166 Dem

Likely/Lean Seats: 25 Rep, 29 Dem

Toss Up or Worse: 1 Rep, 6 Dem



#rsrh QotD, Ed Morrissey Read My Mind edition.

Ed, upon news that House Democrats are discovering nobody cares about their input* (which is fully in keeping with House Democrats’ own behavior from 2007 to 2010):

“…what goes around, comes around.”

Ain’t that the truth.  They say that revenge is a dish that is best served cold.  I’ve long taken the position that revenge is a dish that is best served… served; the actual temperature can be to taste.

Moe Lane

*Even though they kept Nancy Pelosi as their leader!  Imagine that!

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