The House Ethics Committee needs to do more than ‘investigate’ Members of Congress.

I have no idea whether this particular case has anything to it:

The House Ethics Committee is looking into whether Rep. Luis Gutiérrez’s (D-Ill.) violated House rules.

The Ethics Committee did not specify the matter on Thursday, but USA Today has reported Gutiérrez continued to employ his former chief of staff Doug Scofield — now an Illinois lobbyist — as a paid contractor since 2003. Scofield had been paid more than $500,000, the newspaper reported, to train staff and write press releases, among other things.

…but I’ve noticed that while there are a goodly number of investigations, nothing ever seems to happen to the Members of Congress who get investigated. They’re all as pure as new-fallen snow, apparently.  I say this in a rare mood of bipartisanship: it beggars the imagination to think that there is nobody currently in Congress who deserves to be thrown out of it.  They’re overdue for making an example of somebody.

Via Instapundit.