Things happening around the House, 07/15/2013.

It’s been an interesting kind of day for House races.

  • FL-18.  Rumor has it that endangered Democrat Patrick Murphy went to talk to the House Republican leadership about switching parties. Unconfirmed, of course – the same rumor has it that Boehner turned Murphy down flat – but Patrick Murphy switched parties once already and there’s that entire possible linkage between Murphy and the voter fraud in FL-26 (Murphy and Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia both employed accused election fraudster Jeffrey Garcia [no relation]).  Certainly worth a further look.
  • NY-19. The NRCC had a lot of fun cataloging all of the slams* on NY carpetbagger/seat-shopper [Sean***] Eldridge (who is of course trying to unseat wounded war veteran and freshman Congressman Chris Gibson):

  • Then there’s PA-08.  This one’s fun: the DCCC apparently had two main choices to go up against Mike Fitzpatrick.  The Democrats want to play War on Women, because the DCCC isn’t very original, and they have a choice between a female candidate, and a male candidate who wrote… I can’t repeat it here.  Kids might see it. Let us just say that the male candidate (Kevin Strouse) once thought that it was appropriate to distill down a presumed sex partner’s identity into her genitalia, and Mr. Strouss’s presumed ready access to it**.  Guess which one the DCCC picked.  Go ahead.  Guess.

Last but not least: this is a couple of days old, but still pretty funny. From CA-31: Continue reading Things happening around the House, 07/15/2013.

#rsrh Jim Geraghty does yeoman’s work on House races.

This made me laugh:

“Hey Jim, could you put together a list of House races where it’s either an open seat race or a vulnerable incumbent?” the editors ask, oh-so-innocently.

Do they have any idea how much work that entails?

…because even if the NR editors don’t. I do. It entails thirteen webpages’ worth of work, and it’s interesting to see all of that in one place. Well worth reading, the better to refresh your memory; and bear in mind that this isn’t the final list; we’re still six months out from the election.