You’ll want to read this @howardtayler Storify on moderating convention panels.

Seriously.  This is an issue.  Lots of people don’t know how to ask proper questions at these things.  Or moderate them.


Tweet of the Day, It Is Well-Deserved, @howardtayler edition.

Got tipped the wink by Constant Reader Jeff Weimer, so here you go.

Yup, that’s Howard Tayler, and that’s a Hugo.

Way cool.


:Raised eyebrow: You would think that a three-time Hugo nominee…

…(Howard Tayler, Schlock Mercenary) would at least get a personalized rejection slip for his short story, instead of a form letter.  Particularly when it’s been submitted to, and forgive me for saying this, an online SF magazine that is not perhaps as well known as Taylor’s webcomic.

Please understand, I’m not in any sort of nerdrage over this; for all I know, the story was crap.  It’s just a little… startling that the publisher didn’t jump on the chance to get a “name.”  Possibly it’s a good startling, but it’s startling all the same.


So I hear that Skyline was bad.

Or, as Howard Tayler put it:

Bad stuff had barely started happening to the cast when I realized that I liked exactly none of the characters. This made the movie much more enjoyable, because I took a certain perverse satisfaction in each of their gruesome deaths. And maybe that’s what the filmmakers intended the viewing experience to be like. At any rate, the movie clears my threshold of regret by exactly one slot, and comes in at #29 for the year. The performances were competent, the effects seamless, and Los Angeles needed a good culling.

On the other hand, “Battle: Los Angeles” looks totally sweet.

So we’re good.


Congratulations to Foglio Studios on their Hugo!

Despite their ultimately-sincere protestations to the contrary, it’s a well-deserved award: Girl Genius is one of those indispensable webcomics, and doubly indispensable for those of a steampunk or neo-Victorian inclination.  My (few) interactions with Studio Foglio have always been very amiable, as well.  In fact, my only regret on this is that Girl Genius winning meant that Schlock Mercenary did not, and I’d be writing a broadly similar post if Howard Tayler had won and Kaja & Phil Foglio had not.

Again, congratulations.

Moe Lane

PS: Now GO FINISH GURPS GIRL GENIUS, DAMMIT.  We wants it, we does.


He ate *two pieces* of the smutto.

That’s just wrong.

See here for details. Howard Tayler was, of course, insane to come up with the idea in the first place, and watching this video play out was subtly disturbing.

But not as disturbing as the notion that this will probably encourage Tayler to come up with something even more outlandish.

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