Hyperloop! (Well, not really.)

The concept is sound enough – magnetic levitation in a vacuum tunnel – but that test yesterday was for a few moments, and at only about 70 miles per hour.  I also think that it’s kind of entertaining that the Hyperloop people keep talking about travel times in terms of California cities, because the odds of getting per… hah! Nearly got me, that time. Let’s just say that they should start talking about it in terms of, say, Dallas to El Paso and leave it at that.

Moe Lane

PS: Unfortunately, the target number of 700 mph is not nearly enough for escape velocity, either. You’d need something like 25,000 mph for that.  But, hey, proof of concept, right?  Heck, put one on the moon and you’d only need about 5,000, 6,000 mph.  That’s a lot more doable.

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