You know, this is not a point-to-point correspondence…

…to how one measures success in the political blogosphere: but it comes danged close.  And it’s based on something that most trolls never really grok, bless their hearts.  To wit: as somebody or other once noted, the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.  That’s why so many folks in the ‘sphere informally use their hate mail to keep score.

Which is one major reason why I avoid hating my enemies*.  Why give them the satisfaction? (more…)


War funding passes, of course.

Hot Air Headlines categorized yesterday’s vote to sustain war funding as “Wikileaks docs can’t stop Congress from passing war funding bill:” it honestly surprised me that this could have been the reason for the leak in the first place.  I assumed general petty nastiness; after all, the leak was undoubtedly instigated by members of the organized antiwar movement, which means that they don’t need a specific reason to be evil and vicious.

Not that it made any difference, of course.  And it won’t make a difference in the fall, either.  Back in 2006, I – like most of the Right, really – still took the Democrats seriously when they ostensibly took the organized antiwar movement’s position on the GWOT.  Fortunately for the planet, we shouldn’t have: once in power Establishment Democrats fairly blatantly broke every promise that they made to the organized antiwar movement.  Not that the organized antiwar movement deserves more (or any) consideration in that regard: they combine having fairly vicious and bigoted policy goals with a remarkably masochistic willingness to submit to humiliation after humiliation, just as long as the kicks and beatings are interspersed with the occasional almost-kind word.  Still, it’s been over three years of degradation; you’d think that those people would have noticed by now. (more…)

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