Lewiston, Idaho [The Day After Ragnarok]

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Lewiston, Idaho

Gateway to the Poisoned Lands

[The Day After Ragnarok]


It’s not the safest gateway, of course.  But with the Utahns taxing the best roads, and what with both the Canadians’ and the Texans’ obtrusive oversight over their own paths to the Poisoned Lands, the caravan route from Lewiston to Minneapolis is the best way to get across the High Plains without official notice being taken. It also helps that Lewiston is at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers, and much more that seismic aftereffects from the Serpentfall created a series of natural dams that made the city accessible by sea, with a little help from engineers.

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Elections tonight: Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi.

150 delegates at stake, and not a WTA race in the bunch.  Results will be tracked here: gonna be a late tonight on these, folks.  Hawaii we’ll probably find out in the morning, in fact.  If I had to put money down… Ted Cruz takes Idaho.  Donald Trump takes Mississippi, maybe: Cruz is possibly surging there big-time. Trump may have a better margin in Michigan, but John Kasich is likewise surging there, if not quite so big-time. And it’s not-Trump in Hawaii (too many voters with Chinese and Japanese ancestry there, and the state relies on Asian-Pacific tourism too much). I favor Marco Rubio for that race, but for no really scientific reason.

But that’s just my guesswork.

[UPDATE: rather better night for Trump in Michigan and probably Mississippi than I expected or perhaps only hoped, alas. They’re gonna call both pretty soon.]

Cynthia Clinkingbeard (D CAND, ID-01 PRI) arrested for aggravated assault.

As near as I, JMF, and/or Glenn Reynolds can tell, she pretty much snapped like a stressed rubber band:

Boise Police arrested Cynthia Clinkingbeard, 58, Boise, on Friday after she reportedly walked into a store at Eagle Road and Chinden Boulevard and threatened employees with a gun.

The website of the Idaho Secretary of State lists Clinkingbeard as a Democratic candidate in the May 15 primary race for the First District congressional seat.

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Meet Vaughn Ward (R, ID-01).

ID-01: Cook has it as R+18; its current incumbent Walter Minnick won in a squeaker in 2008 thanks to a combination of Democratic headwinds and a poor candidate, and as neither condition is going to be replicated in 2010, he’s currently tacking hard to the center.  Minnick has thus already voted against the ‘stimulus’ and cap-and-trade, and he might even vote against health care rationing; impossible to guarantee, of course, given that he’s a Blue Dog and thus inherently untrustworthy to anybody.  The DCCC will still support him, also of course; taking money from progressives and giving it to equivocators is what they’re there for.

Against him is Vaughn Ward.  Iraq veteran, strong on fiscal conservatism, had a good second quarter – this was a pretty good pick/matchup by the NRCC, in my admittedly biased and amateur opinion.  He’s also something very interesting: a former McCain campaign staffer whom, as Soren Dayton notes here, has received campaign contributions from Todd Palin’s parents.  Somewhat suggestive, at the very least; and if Sarah Palin goes on the stump for candidates anywhere in 2010 it’ll be in places like ID-01.  So keep an eye out on this one.

And contribute too, of course.

Moe Lane

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