Ann McLane Kuster (Democrat), 2011: Libya = Middle East. Kuster, 2013: …NO IT’S NOT!

For the benefit of Democratic Rep. Ann McLane Kuster, (NH-02)…

  • Benghazi is the second largest city in Libya.
  • Libya is that somewhat large country in North Africa between ¬†Algeria and Egypt.
  • That particular country, desperate apologists to the contrary*, is part of what most people call ‘the Middle East,’ – including, apparently, Ann McLane Kuster.¬† From March of 2011:

Kuster said she supports Obama’s recent action in response to unrest in the Middle East. She said she felt the military intervention in Libya is appropriate because it’s “primarily a humanitarian mission and the international community is leading, not just the U.S.”

“I think that’s the right approach,” she said. “I think we’ve got to be very careful about not ending up in our third full-scale military operation putting American lives at stake.”

We all got that, right? Benghazi, Libya, Middle East? (more…)

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