Regarding the Ben Affleck #Batman…

…I’d be a lot more nerdrage about it if I actually had a good candidate for Batman.  It’s a hard role to cast.

Moe Lane

PS: My wife said Will Smith.  I said no.  My wife said point taken, but Will Smith ten years ago, playing Spider-man.  I said …THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME.

PPS: You know who else is AWESOME?  Richard Dreyfuss. Via CNN:


“I’m Batman.”

Apparently it’s going to be Geek Friday here at Chez

Via Do Gooder Press.  I have a complex reaction to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.  On the one hand, it’s brilliant.  On the other hand… well, the Internet has had many the discussion about whether this and/or Watchmen permanently sent the comic book genre spiraling down into an existential pit of horror, despair, and absurd poses.

On the gripping hand, The Dark Knight Strikes Again frankly sucked.

Is Julian Sanchez over-analyzing superhero/supervillian CEOs?

His point that iconic superhero CEOs inherit wealth, while iconic supervillian CEOs generally earn it from scratch is interesting (it’s also interesting that Bruce Wayne is both the most competent CEO and the closest-to-evil superhero on Julian’s list); but I wonder if he’s reaching too far, or too deeply, in his explanation why.  Could it simply be that comic artists and writers generally don’t like it that they have to at least sometimes have fights with the business/management side of the comic book companies that they write for?  That could easily bleed over into their creative output…

Via AoSHQ.

Moe Lane


I can still think that “Batman, Incorporated…”

…is kind of goofball, right?  I mean, I got no quarrel with Randy’s take on the French Muslim Batman of Paris (sounds like a modern art painting title), but the idea of franchising the Caped Crusader seems a bit… weird.

Mind you, I don’t currently buy Batman comics, so I can probably be safely ignored anyway. Continue reading I can still think that “Batman, Incorporated…”

QotD, Minion advice edition.

From, of course:

[The villains of Gotham] keep charging at Batman one at a time, even with 13 of their cohorts lying on the ground with broken collar bones. We’re not suggesting they just walk away and give up their life of crime–we understand that anybody who’s signed up to be a henchman for The Joker probably isn’t qualified to do anything else. But maybe you should fall back and try a new strategy. You’re not going to be the first guy in history to punch Batman into submission. Leave until you can come back with some dogs.

Of course, Batman will have a plan for that.

Because he’s Batman.

Batman, Hostess Cupcakes, and the hell that was the 70s.

In some ways, this frame from’s 6 Insane Batman Comics Courtesy of Tasty Hostess Cupcakes says it all.  Or about Hostess Cupcakes, and the intersection of them with superhero comics in a time where everybody was desperate to get the consumer economy revving up faster.

Sweet God, but the pre-Reagan era purely sucked.