In Nomine Revisited: Hecate.

Hecate – Google Docs


Lesser Ethereal Goddess

Corporeal Forces: 2 Strength: 4                Agility: 4

Ethereal Forces: 5      Intelligence: 12         Precision: 8

Celestial Forces: 5     Will: 12                      Perception: 8

Vessel/6, +2 Charisma

Elements: Life (Beasts); Information (Knowledge)

Affinities: Animals (primal), Divination (primal), Books (moderate) (more…)


In Nomine Revisited: Glass Armonicas.

Fascinating things.

Glass Armonicas – Google Docs

Glass Armonicas

Strictly speaking, these items are not artifacts, as no truly esoteric knowledge is needed to either create or operate them.  Indeed, that is the basic issue that both Heaven and Hell have with the items.

The first Glass Armonica was invented by Benjamin Franklin; he had been fascinated by the practice of ‘tuning’ wine glasses to produce music.  The basic idea is to take a set of glasses, fill them with various levels of water and run a moistened finger along the edge.  The level of the water dictates the tone produced by the finger, which means that it is a relatively straightforward matter to set up a scale and thus play music.  Franklin’s innovation was to replace the glasses with bowls specifically designed to produce the correct tone, then mount the bowls on a spindle; the performer merely had to keep the bowls moving with a foot pedal (and keep his fingers wet, which was almost as trivial).  As usual, his invention was wildly popular.  Many listeners compared the tones to angelic music (actual celestials agree that it isn’t, but they do generally think that armonicas sound very pretty) and claimed that it had all sorts of healing virtues.  That rumor is incorrect; so was the later one that Glass Armonicas were dangerous to one’s health.  The major difference between the two rumors was that the former wasn’t deliberately spread, and the latter was. (more…)


In Nomine Revisted: Ultima Thule (Domain)

Ultima Thule (Domain) – Google Docs

Ultima Thule (Domain)

I would like to note for the record that I am well aware that there is a lot of pseudo-history enshrined below. To paraphrase Ken Hite, bad scholarship means good gaming.

Features: Common Tongue, Dream Magnet, Fierce Figments, Infinite, Malleable (+3), Hostile (Constant warfare), Oasis, Sticky (only worse: ethereals, once in, can’t leave).

You’ve heard the old saying “Old Nazis never die; they just move to South America?” Well, it’s not true. They die. And then, if they know the trick, they move to Ultima Thule.



In Nomine Revisited: Basic Celestial conversion (GURPS In Nomine) (4E).

Basic Celestial (GURPS 4E) – Google Docs

I ran across this while looking for something else: back in the day, I went ahead and converted the basic stats for celestials (angels and demons, basically) in GURPS In Nomine from 3rd to 4th edition.  I also converted a bunch of Servitor Attunements and whatnot; I should collate them and put them up, too.  Something to work on.



In Nomine Revisited: Mr. Alpu and Mr. Beytu.

Old favorites of mine.

Mr. Alpu and Mr. Beytu


Mr. Alpu and Mr. Beytu

Calabim of the Game


Mr. Alpu

Corporeal Forces: 6 Strength: 12 Agility: 12

Ethereal Forces: 4 Intelligence: 6 Precision: 10

Celestial Forces: 6 Will: 12 Perception: 12

Vessel: large man/6

Mr. Beytu

Corporeal Forces: 4 Strength: 6 Agility: 10

Ethereal Forces: 6 Intelligence: 12 Precision: 12

Celestial Forces: 6 Will: 12 Perception: 12

Vessel: Small man/6



In Nomine Revisited: The Insidious Psionic Llama Conspiracy.

Mentioned it earlier.

Insidious Psionic Llama Conspiracy – Google Docs


The Insidious Psionic Llama Conspiracy

(Uses my fan-generated In Nomine Psionic rules)

Llamas (regular)
Corporeal Forces: 2              Strength: 3 Agility: 5
Ethereal Forces: 0                 Intelligence: 0 Precision: 0
Celestial Forces: 1                Will: 2 Perception: 2

Skills: Fighting/1, Running/1
Advantages: Psionic (Telereceive only)
Psionic Discipline: Telepathy/3
Psionic Skills: Emotion Sense/2, Telereceive/3

Llamas are domesticated quadruped herbivores indigenous to South America: like their close cousins the camels, they make useful pack animals (albeit ones that spit), but llamas are notably better-tempered about their lot in life.  This particular species is generally used more for their carrying capacity than for anything else, as special variants were created for their wool.  Llamas also make fairly decent sheep-herders, for herbivores.  In other words, there’s not precisely a call for them in North America – a place already with all the horses, sheep and domesticated dogs that one could want.

So why are there llama-breeding farms cropping up here, anyway? (more…)


In Nomine Revisited: Salem, Mercurian Archangel of Civics.

This is over a decade and a half old at this point; it’s also based off of the canonical Angel of Cities for In Nomine. Nice to see that I was sensible, even back in the day.

Salem, Mercurian Archangel of Civics – Google Docs


Mercurian Archangel of Civics


The world is built from all of us.  Build it anew each day.

She is the newest Archangel; and from her point of view, her apotheosis comes none too soon.  For too long Heaven has permitted human governments and politics to develop and evolve without specific, Superior-level oversight.  This is not a criticism of the Host, of course: there is a War going on, and when one’s back is to the wall one is well-advised to emphasize utility over elegance.  Still, the matter required rectifying, and Salem is the avatar of that rectification.  There will be changes made, wrongs redressed — and not a few of the Enemy are about to suddenly discover that their control of human society is perhaps not so secure as they may have thought.

These are indeed interesting times.



In Nomine Revisited: Fear and Loathing in the Marches.

Fear and Loathing in the Marches – Google Docs

I wrote this one, back when Hunter S. Thompson went out the way that I think we all expected him to go out, the poor bastard. I think that it holds up well.  It was one of those stories where all I needed was the first line, and I was off and running.


Fear and Loathing in the Marches

An In Nomine Story

The only thing that really worried me was the ethereal. (more…)


Abby, Saint of Trade [GURPS IN NOMINE]

Abby (GURPS) – Google Docs

Abby (Saint of Trade)

250 pt


ST: 10 (0)

DX: 13 (30)

IQ: 14 (45)

HT: 11 (0*)


*+1 for Saint (Recorporalized)


Advantages: Appearance: Attractive/1 (5), Charisma/2 (10), Combat Reflexes (15), Language Talent/2 (4), Saint (Recorporalized) (130)



Georges, Angel of Trains [In Nomine]

Yeah, yeah, it’s been a while since anything original along these lines.

Georges, Angel of Trains – Google Docs



Cherub Master of Finances

Angel of Trains


Corporeal Forces: 4 Strength: 10 Agility: 6

Ethereal Forces: 4 Intelligence: 8 Precision: 8

Celestial Forces: 6 Will: 12 Perception: 12

Word-Forces: 10

Vessel/6 (Big Dude, Charisma +2)


Skills: Dodge/6, Driving/3, Emote/3, Engineering/3, Fighting/6, Knowledge/6 (Everything Concerning Trains), Large Weapon/6 (Club), Ranged Weapon/3 (pistol), Small Weapon/6 (sap), Tactics/6



In Nomine Revisited: The Great Cow Race of 2003.

I ran this one at a couple of conventions.  Things got a little weird out towards the end, honestly.

Great Cow Race of 2003 – Google Docs

The Great Cow Race of 2003

By Moe Lane

Additional Bad Ideas by Jaymiel (and maybe others?)

It all started with a gang of Ofanim of the Wind – you know, stories that begin with that phrase never seem to end well. (more…)


In Nomine Revisited: Hellcows of Ronald

This wasn’t really all that serious, either.

HellCows of Ronald – Google Docs

HellCows of Ronald


The Prince of Cows absolutely refuses to seek out human servants (he gets a few, anyway, mostly servants of various demons ‘assigned’ to the Service of Cows). However, Ronald needs corporeal agents as badly as any other Demon Prince, so he’s come up with a fairly, ah, unique way of getting them.


Yes, he has Hellsworn cows.


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