GURPS Revisited: Incognito (Quantum 5) [GURPS 4e]

Have to put this one and the next one back up because I need good links for the new piece that I’m doing.

Incognito (Quantum 5) – Google Docs


Incognito (Quantum 5)


This Quantum 5 world diverged from Homeline’s on March 28th, 1911, 7:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time.  This date is not actually known to Infinity’s researchers; they have at this point only narrowed the divergence point to somewhere in the spring of 1911.  What appears to have happened was that some sort of global quantum effect (translation: “nobody knows”) thoroughly randomized human conceptions across the planet: no one conceived past that point has a precise genetic match to the equivalent person in Homeline’s history.  


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