[Turns out this story is essentially wrong.]

[I retain my skepticism, but it is unfair to ding Apple for something that they did not actually do. I have thus removed the whole thing and offer my apologies to the company for my error. – ML]

4’s vaunted customer service apparently lied to me.

I suppose that it was inevitable; they’re normally pretty good about this stuff, but apparently not today.  Short version: when I signed up for my Amazon Prime membership they charged the wrong card.  OK.  They neglected to send me a warning that my free trial was about to expire.  Well, that’s not required of them – a good idea, but not required.  Here’s the thing, though: when I called them about switching the initial charge from my debit account to the credit card (which I did, about five minutes after getting the overdraft notice from my bank*) they told me that they could and would do that, easily.  Well, it turns out that they don’t do that… which I only found out when I called to check why it hadn’t been done.

This is usually the point where I start shouting, but fortunately for the customer service rep I’m sick this morning, which means that I’m taking extra care with my temper. (more…)

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