Indiana Jones V scheduled for 2019.

Starring Harrison Ford and with Spielberg directing. Comes out in 2019. Consider this… the dark side of having the Mouse expand inexorably into, as Slashfilm put it, “Star Wars and Marvel and Pixar and everything else that you love.”

If there is a bright side to any of this, it’s that Indiana Jones V would absolutely have to be a bridge movie to whatever new franchise Disney has planned.  Slashfilm suggests one last hurrah; my wife argues that it makes more sense to Old Indy being used as a framing device to spin a tale about New Indy, back in the day.  If this last part sounds like something out of Young Indiana Jones, well: it worked, didn’t it? …Sort of.  At least, it only really failed because of the lack of money.  And the Mouse is typically happy to spend a ton of money if it means getting a ton and a half back.


If you see something today involving the University of Chicago admissions office, click that link.

There’s a part of me that hopes that there is no answer, here.

Or, more accurately, that the entire point was to just dump the envelope into the University of Chicago internal mail system, content in the knowledge that surely somebody would notice, and marvel. Which is what happened, after all. (more…)


Indiana Jones and the Stop-motion Hasbro Footage of Awesome.

So I got sent this via email; and it is worth the six minutes of lifespan that you will spend to watch it.

It is my fervent hope that we go through a retro period where stop-motion is cool again, thus giving some of these people a shot to, you know, get paid for stuff like this.



‘I. Like. Ike.’

I feel I must correct Ed Morrissey on a tertiary point, here:

When was the last time we saw a movie with a Communist villain?  1959?

Much as some are loathe to admit to its existence, it must be admitted that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had Commies for the villains, and that there were explicit instances in the movie where Commies were forthrightly punched (they were, indeed, the highlights of the film, which Lucas managed to bring off successfully enough to avoid me declaring kanly upon his house*).

So there was at least one.  Almost by accident, but at least one.

Moe Lane

*I fully grant, as the very wise Ken Hite notes, “that the McCarthyism that has Indy’s Dean so Broadbent out of shape a) was a spent force by 1957 in our history, but b) turns out, on the merits, to be completely justified, given the number of Soviet agents running amuck in America in the movie’s history.”  Nonetheless, it was all right.


Spielberg threatening to make an Indiana Jones V?

(H/T: @baseballcrank) Dear sweet merciful Jeebus no.

Shia Says Spielberg Has “Cracked” Indy 5


In the UK to promote Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, LaBeouf talked to the BBC and revealed that he had spoken recently with Spielberg about another Indiana Jones movie: “Steven just said he cracked a story on it before I left. I think they’re gearing that up.”

Now, I admit freely that both my wife and I enjoyed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull… well enough. We had low expectations – “Do not do to this franchise what Lucas did to Star Wars” (i.e., murder it and prop up the corpse on the front porch) – and Lucas managed to exceed them, more or less.  There were aliens.  Commies were punched.  They brought back Marion.  LaBeouf’s character didn’t even offend me.  I did not declare kanly against Lucas.  Everything was… acceptable.

So that’s where it should end.  Before Lucas drags down Spielberg with him.

Moe Lane


Live-Action LEGO Indiana Jones.

There will be a point in the video below where you will say to your monitor screen, “This would be where you guys should start running away.”

Live-Action Lego Indiana Jones

You’ll know when.

Moe Lane

PS: Light posting this morning. Tea Party.

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