The Killer Klowns Orchestral Soundtrack Indiegogo.

I was tipped to the Killer Klowns Orchestral Soundtrack Indiegogo by Constant Reader BigGator5. Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I’ve never seen the flick.  But, well, this fellow is in some indefinable way firmly Of My People:

Tribal obligations cannot be denied. Besides, I suspect that this will indeed tickle some of my readers’ fancies, or at least their wallets.  Certainly there’s some enthusiasm about having a new Killer Klowns soundtrack kicked up a notch…

Moe Lane

PS: Deadline’s in a week.

The first book printing drive for Stand Still, Stay Silent is up on Indiegogo. @SSSScomic

Link here.  Stand Still, Stay Silent, for those who don’t remember, is the best post-apocalyptic, Nordic/Scandinavian/Northern European themed horror webcomic that you’re likely ever to read.  The art is great and the writing keeps up with it; I love it to death, and so should you.

…and so goes away the PayPal reserves.  Ach, well, that’s what they’re there for.

The Cadaver Bone Benefit Fiction Anthology Indiegogo.

I assume that it’s where you go when you decide that Kickstarter used to be cool, before everybody found out about it and spoiled the ambiance* by showing up. Although you can still like Kickstarter, if that’s your thing – what’s that? You like Kickstarter, only ironically? Hrh. I liked things only ironically before it was cool.

:throwing away hipster glasses: Anyway, this looks like a nice little crowdsource: help a guy out with his medical procedure, get a story anthology. I see three people on there that I read; that will justify the fifteen bucks.


Moe Lane

*Or you want to take PayPal.