It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, me hearties! Me gamin’ mates and me, we reveled in the holli-day wi’ a special session where we played the Pirates Who Didn’t Do Anything. There were fights, and captains tossed in the brink, and sirens, and many, many cabbages consigned to a cruel fate, by the powers! And did we die?



Moe Lane

*At least I did. I got traded a golden cursed idol in exchange for my pants; and I promptly named him Claude and got a stick to put him on so he could see. We were last seen walking into the water to give Claude back to the Sea Queen, but that was OK because I was really a Sidhe all along.

…So that all looks a little weirder when I write it out like that.

‘Yo, Ho, Ho! (And a Bottle of Rum)’

Like I’d be forgettin’ International Talk Like a Pirate Day, ye swabs.

Yo, Ho, Ho! (And a Bottle of Rum), Disney’s Ultimate Swashbuckler Collection

On my oath, ’tis a glorious day to live on in a fellow’s heart, by the powers!  Not a thing for the forgettin’ — and scupper an’ sink me if I ever do.  And aye, yes: wi’ a curse.


Arrrrrrr. It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

‘Tis tradition to note this date here, by the powers! Although, alas, it’s more of a previous-decade sort of holiday these days.  None the less: enjoy yer piratical shenanigans today, me hearties. Fer at the crack o’dawn tomorrow, yer old lives will return.

Wit’ a curse.

ARRRRRRRRRGH! How could I missed this, me hearties?

T’day be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

…Damn, but this holiday isn’t as much fun when unemployment is this high.  It’s so very, very… Bush-era, if you know what I mean? Cheerful, almost indulgent; the kind of thing that you do when there’s margin to spare.  Ain’t seen those conditions in a few years, let me tell you.

Still: swab that deck, buckle that swash, dance that hornpipe. Ay, by the Powers!

Moe Lane

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Just a reminder: International Talk Like A Pirate Day…

…is going to be on September 19th.  The official site – for a given value of ‘official’ – is here; it is of course a fine old Internet tradition, and one that will be celebrated both here and on RedState.

No, really.  It’s one of our favorites over there, in fact.

Moe “Barnacle Brain Jack” Lane

PS: A quick primer: