So.  Jailbreaking.  This is a thing? …I ask because…

So.  Jailbreaking.  This is a thing? …I ask because it’s apparently dead simple to get a jailbroken iPad to recognize a Bluetooth mouse, and I have been at war with Apple over its user assumptions since the day I pulled my iPad out of its shipping container.  I will choose what I am going to do with my electronic equipment, not some corporation in California; and if my view of the end result differs from Apple’s, that’s their failure of imagination, not mine.

If you can read….

this, then I have figured a way around an incredibly annoying problem with the iPad: to wit, that they DO NOT RECOGNIZE cut-and-paste text from Given that my (modest) revenue stream counts largely on that company, not having access to it while I’m traveling (and relying on the iPad for blogging) can be a bit distressing.

Anyway, they should fix that for the iPad 3. Not that I’m getting one; I figure that I’ll probably be able to swing an iPad 4 if I start saving up for it now

How to import video into iMovies for iPad with a regular camera.

[UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers.  I thoroughly encourage people to check out oktopus74’s YouTube channel, given that he was the one who did the video in the first place.]

Someone pointed out that other people might like to learn how to do it, too.  Short version: watch this video, which I finally tracked down after five months of looking (go, general research skills!).

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Flash for the iPad?

If this (via @BenHowe) takes off, we’re going to see more functionality in our Apple platforms:

Adobe yesterday announced the release of Flash Media Server 4.5 and Flash Access 3.0, updated tools to allow publishers to host streaming Flash video content.


Consequently, as media publishers begin to adopt the new Adobe software, they will be able to easily deliver HTML5-compatible content to mobile devices alongside the traditional Flash Player content. Because the feature utilizes video streaming technology rather than running the Flash content directly on the device, it does not yet support interactive Flash content such as games and banner ads, but the ability to access streaming Flash video on iOS devices will certainly be a welcome addition for many users.

I understand that people may not want the games/banner ads – and that there are issues with touchscreen-compatibility anyway – but having Flash-animated video on my iPad will be welcome.

Moe Lane

PS: Now give me more camera codecs, tanjit.

Looking for a handy Obama-failure counter?

Hey, guess what?

There’s an app for that.

An “Obama Clock” app is jockeying for position with National Geographic’s World Atlas atop the iTunes app store’s reference best-seller list, partly because conservatives are eager to monitor President Barack Obama’s skidding approval numbers and shrinking calendar, says the app’s designer.

Liberals don’t like the app because it shows Obama’s numbers trending down, said Jeremy Ross, even though his app just publishes publicly available data.

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