IT: Chapter Two looking at 100 million opening weekend.

Not too shabby.

Giving the sagging box office a jolt, “It: Chapter Two” is heading for as much as $100 million in its opening weekend in North America, early estimates showed Friday.

Warner Bros. is adhering to its $90 million forecast for the horror sequel but rival studios projected a nine-figure launch frame. The figure is $23 million less than the 2017 debut of “It,” but it’s also the best opening since “The Lion King” premiered with $191.8 million during its July 19-21 opening frame.



IT: CHAPTER 2 promises 2:45 run-time.

Oh, boy: “Speaking to Digital Spy, director Andy Muschietti confirmed the film is currently coming in at 2 hours and 45 minutes, a solid half-hour longer than its 2017 predecessor.” It’s not that I object to spending two hours and forty five minutes to watch IT: CHAPTER 2. It’s that I object to the loss of the intermission as a common cinema courtesy. And this isn’t the first time the new trend for longer films has been a complication, either; when AVENGERS: ENDGAME’s run-time got revealed, I more or less had to plan out my bathroom breaks extremely carefully, and ahead of time. If they’d just give us a five minute break in the middle…

Look, I refuse to apologize for this. I’m almost fifty. I’m allowed to have a bladder that’s getting along in years, too.

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