Item Seed: Exo-Osseins.


Description: an intricate and delicate-looking exoskeleton made out of human bone.  The Exo-Ossein covers the body, ears, and eyes, but leaves the nose and mouth free. The chest features a large green gem that provides absolutely no esoteric powers or benefits whatsoever.  There is typically a faint aroma of ozone. Exo-Osseins are surprisingly durable, in more or less exactly the same way that Undead skeletons are.

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Adventure Seed: Operation FRIDAY CURIOSITY.

This thought seems familiar, somehow. Kind of Laundry RPG-ish, although a quick scan of the books didn’t bring anything up. Ach, well.


Background: From 2013 to 2019 the human sacrifice death cult known mundanely as ‘Islamic State’/’Daesh’ (hereafter referred to as ‘IS’) operated as a proto-nation state in Syrian and Iraqi territory.  IS attempted to mix its alarmingly brutal ritualistic practices with the maintenance and creation of a functional civic infrastructure, and achieved some success before the cult was eventually forced out of its physical territory.  Preliminary checks by untainted Abrahamic theurgists have not uncovered conclusive proof of actual contractual diabolism, but ritual purification of important IS sites is ongoing.

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Item Seed: The Essential Cruel Empowerment.

The Essential Cruel Empowerment

Description: a collection of six LPs, eight cassette tapes, and one CD for a band called ‘Cruel Empowerment.’  There are UPC codes, but they are meaningless. The record label is Atlantic, but nobody there has ever heard of Cruel Empowerment, or even the people who supposedly worked on the music production.  Note that the collection does NOT reek of extraplanar origin.

Powers: the various tracks seem to have a particular resonance that helps to unlock psionic potential, mostly involving mental domination.  Adepts reported that regular exposure to Cruel Empowerment’s music increased their expertise in psionic confusion, persuasion, mental domination, imposed hallucinations, and lucid dreaming.  Psionic adepts also reported an increased tendency towards megalomania, and the occasional flash of low empathy.

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Item Seed: The Anagnorisis Pattern

The Anagnorisis Pattern 

Description: various auditory and visual artifacts, generally distributed via social media.  To most of the mundane population, any one item that qualifies as an ‘Anagnorisis Pattern’ will appear to be interesting, but ultimately not engrossing.  Alas, those susceptible to the Pattern will instead find it irresistible, and at least psychologically addictive.

Effects: exposure to the Anagnorisis Pattern seems to encourage a particular kind of weak-willed subservience in some people. Even brief exposure makes the susceptible inclined to obey anyone who incorporates elements of the Pattern in their dress, conversation, ideology, and/or iconography.  Prolonged exposure accelerates the process, and encourages a certain reckless disregard for personal safety. Anybody’s personal safety, really.

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Item Seed: Nega-Demon Serum.

Nega-Demon Serum

Description: a transparent vial filled with a golden-white fluid that glows in the darkness, yet casts no shadow.  Don’t bother trying to analyze it, either. It’s not that the Nega-Demon Serum isn’t really there; it’s that, from the Serum’s hypothetical point of view, nothing in the physical universe really is.

Powers: Comprehensively destroying Evil schemes, plans, machinations, and eventually the evil entities involved with them, apparently.

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Item Seed: Eleanor Twitty Memorial Library

Eleanor Twitty Memorial Library 

Name: Eleanor Twitty Memorial Library

Function: Ghost Library

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Collection Size: 60,000 books; 40,000 multimedia

Staff: 20

Funding: Private endowment

The library itself is not particularly astounding: it is about as good as a regular public library with no children’s section, with a special emphasis on all those books that people always mean to read, when they had the time.  The Old Nellie’s regulars now have that time, and they flit through the shelves contentedly enough. Don’t annoy them, of course. Annoying a ghost rarely works out well.

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Item Seed: Russian Minuets.

Russian Minuets

Description: a set of thirty minuets, scored for harpsichord and written by Makar Olegovich Samarin (1702-1756?).  The individual sheet music seems to have been printed in the 19th century in France, then bound in leather a century later by a Berlin bookbinder of dubious reputation.  Rumors that the leather is actually tanned human skin are false.

Powers: If a Russian Minuet is performed before a live audience of at least one hundred people, one of those people will die of heart failure before the night is out.  Resuscitation can work, if there’s medical staff on hand and ready to spring into action, but there’s no way to prevent the original heart failure.  As for everybody else: it is apparently a marvelous rush to feel a Russian Minuet target another person. The sensation is not physically addictive, but it definitely can produce a psychological dependence.  Fortunately, both the positive and negative effects only work in a live performance; streaming, televised, and digital productions do not have the same effect.

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Item Seed: Set of Stake Knives.

Set of Stake Knives

Appearance: a set of eight stainless steel steak knives.  They are in excellent condition, and in fact can be used to cut steak.  Although few people will, once they find out what the Stake Knives actually do (see below).  

Powers: Treat Stake Knives as equivalent to whatever weapon or substance is most dangerous to vampires in the campaign.  For example: in a Western game, Stake Knives act like wooden stakes in terms of immobilizing and destroying vampires.  In campaigns with more than one particular type of vampire, a Stake Knifes can be ‘reconsecrated’ to a different type by a suitably holy figure after a suitable amount of slightly onerous ritual activity; alternatively (particularly if there are vampire PCs in the campaign) all Stake Knives will work on all vampires equally.  Certainly any Stake Knife can effectively be used in lieu of a holy symbol by sincere religious believers.

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Item Seed: Liber Squamis.

Liber Squamis

Description: hardbound (red cloth) book, printed in 1895 by Zann and Grieg publishers.  128 pages of musical notation, for a number of unnamed pieces apparently scored for a flute; despite the Latin title, what text exists is in French and German.  No author. There is a handwritten dedication to a ‘Herbert Vaughn,’ but the signature is illegible.

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Item seed: Blue Bed of Blood.

Blue Bed of Blood

Description: a child’s bed, made of blue plastic and wood and shaped somewhat like a race car.  The Blue Bed of Blood is perpetually damp with, well, blood, no matter how often it is cleaned. It radiates as rather unpleasantly magical, but not quite as straight-up Evil.

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