Book of the Week: Triumphant (The Genesis Fleet).

Triumphant is the last book (presumably) of Jack Campbell’s Genesis Fleet space opera series. Genesis Fleet gets into how Black Jack Geary’s Alliance got its start, and I’m honestly not sure why I’m putting Triumphant up: surely all of you have read it already anyway. Guess it’s an excess of caution on my part, or something.

Book of the Week: A Just Determination.

A Just Determination is the first in Jack Campbell’s ‘JAG in Space’ series, and I held out for as long as I could. I really and truly did.  But eventually I was going to succumb.

I’ll update the sidebar tomorrow.  Bad Internet connection here.  Like, really bad. This post has had it blow up three times already.

Book of the Week: The Genesis Fleet: Vanguard.

Oh hey, folks.  Jack Campbell’s coming out with more crack in written form. Excuse me: “a new science fiction series called The Genesis Fleet.” Vanguard‘s out now, and Ascendant is coming out in May. You’re doo-oommmeedddd….

And so, adieu to Bull. Which was the other book I took out from the library, actually.

Book of the Week: The Dragons of Dorcastle.

When I looked at the cover of Jack Campbell’s The Dragons of Dorcastle, I said There had better be a good reason why that woman is carrying a semi-automatic pistol in a fantasy setting. …I am now on book three of my chain-downloading of this series, because there was, indeed a good reason why she was carrying a semi-auto. They’re offering the Kindle versions of the books for ridiculously low prices*, so you might as well start drinking ’em down now before they come to their senses.

And so, adieu to… whatever it was last week. I’m on a remarkably slow platform right now and I’d rather like to be taking a nap instead.