Book of the Week: The Dragons of Dorcastle.

When I looked at the cover of Jack Campbell’s The Dragons of Dorcastle, I said There had better be a good reason why that woman is carrying a semi-automatic pistol in a fantasy setting. …I am now on book three of my chain-downloading of this series, because there was, indeed a good reason why she was carrying a semi-auto. They’re offering the Kindle versions of the books for ridiculously low prices*, so you might as well start drinking ’em down now before they come to their senses.

And so, adieu to… whatever it was last week. I’m on a remarkably slow platform right now and I’d rather like to be taking a nap instead.


Book of the Week: The Lost Fleet: Dauntless.

I grabbed Jack Campbell’s The Lost Fleet: Dauntless from the local library today. …My, but it’s rather good, isn’t it? Whoever it was here who first suggested it deserves pie.

And so, adieu to Agent Garbo.

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