Janet Napolitano doesn’t use email? …Riiiiiiiiiigght.

Via @rickwilson comes this eyebrow raiser:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano doesn’t believe in using email.

“I think email just sucks up time,” Napolitano told an incredulous group of reporters on Tuesday, speaking at a breakfast hosted by The Christian Science Monitor.

Napolitano, who said she doesn’t text or “Twitter” either, said she may use email “at some point,” but right now, it’s not in the cards.

I love the ‘incredulous’ bit – because no, I don’t believe that, either. I’m pretty sure, in fact, that Janet Napolitano is using email, only she’s Richard Windsoring it.  I wonder what her name looks like when you anagram it…

oh, dear.  Let’s just pretend that I didn’t put up that link, shall we?

Moe Lane

#rsrh Under Janet Napolitano, ICE apparently stands for “Involuntary Chippendales’ Exhibition.”

At least, that’s the impression that one gets from this NY Post article:

Agency-wide, the number of “reprisal” claims jumped from 43 in 2009 to 63 in 2010 and then hit 103 in 2011, as reported under the “No Fear Act,” which offers anti-discrimination and whistle-blower protections to federal workers.

The number of sexual-harassment claims jumped from two in 2009 to 10 in 2011, and the number of “nonsexual”-harassment claims rose from 37 in 2009 to 81 in 2011.

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The Left’s expected, contemptible, and blatant hypocrisy over ALEC and stand-your-ground laws.

I’m not really all that into blogging about the Zimmerman/Martin shooting.  From what I can tell, what happened was that there was an confrontation that might have very well been avoidable; it ended with a genuinely tragic ending; and that there were actually pretty much no wider partisan implications at all, despite the attempts of the Online Left to fit a Latino Democrat onto the Procrustean bed of WASP Tea Partier.  All of which is contemptible of the Online Left, by the way.  Expected, but contemptible.

Still, the news that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has decided to stop working on criminal bill advocacy because of liberal push back on ALEC’s work on stand-your-ground laws is of interest.  Said laws, for those unaware of them, essentially confirm the right of a citizen to defend themselves if attacked; and (as Clayton Cramer and Glenn Reynolds note) such laws are very important from a feminist perspective.  Particularly when we’re talking about, say, battered women.  Amazing how quickly people on the Left stop caring about that sort of thing when it gets into the way of going after perceived Righty groups, right? Again: expected, and contemptible.

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DEA now linked to Operation Fast & Furious.

On the record, like.

It would appear that the DEA does not want to be the fall guy in Operation Fast & Furious*, either:  DEA head Michele M. Leonhart admitted in a letter to Senator Grassley (Judiciary) and Rep. Issa (Oversight) that her organization was in fact involved in the investigation, and provided support for it.  This is a significant admission by Ms. Leonhart, given that (as Bob Owens** of Pajamas Media reminds us) there is an existing allegation by the former head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives (BATFE) Phoenix office that the DEA was a full partner in the proceedings. Continue reading DEA now linked to Operation Fast & Furious.

#rsrh DHS on the job 24/7, 364 days a year!

At least, DHS is on the job 24/7/364 according to Secretary Janet Napolitano, who did not mention what happens on the other day. Hot Air and Mediate have both speculated on which day is apparently the mulligan:

On the one hand: a meaningless mistake. On the other hand: a highly symbolic and distressingly familiar type of mistake. On the gripping hand: live by the hyper-critical word parsing, die by the hyper-critical word parsing, ye Left. As you can imagine, my sympathies are… muted.

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DHS Director Janet Napolitano: “the system worked.”

I… I… I…

words fail me.  Via Hot Air Headlines:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Sunday that the thwarting of the attempt to blow up an Amsterdam-Detroit airline flight Christmas Day demonstrated that “the system worked.”

Moe Lane

PS: No, not even profanity.  It’s that bad.

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30/45/25 for Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano.

Those numbers above represent Favorable/Unfavorable/Don’t Know in the latest Rasmussen poll, and while Rasmussen itself notes that:

At the time President Obama nominated her for the Homeland Security post in early December, 43% had no opinion of her. Since that time, her favorable ratings have remained constant, but her negatives have increased. That’s fairly typical for politicians as they get better known.

…it’s still not what you would call ‘good’ news – at least, if you’re the sort of person who worries about whether people are still liking Secretary* Napolitano enough. For added amusement, check out this Hill article (“Napolitano splits the GOP“) and try to figure out, precisely, how the GOP has been ‘split’ on the Napolitano controversy

Moe Lane

PS: President Obama tapping Napolitano for Homeland Security probably ensured that the GOP kept the Arizona Senate seat in 2010 – but I never really thought that it might wreck her career, too…

*Have we come up with a way to easily distinguish between the Departments of Homeland Security and Health & Human Services? Are we calling the latter DHSS or HSS DHHS or HHS now? I should know this; really, I should.