Update on IL-02: Democrats starting up their internecine primary war.

Do you know what the most terrifying thing is about this Politico article (“Blacks fret free-for-all for Jesse Jackson Jr. seat*”)?  It’s the very last paragraph:

“There’s going to be a lot of people running no matter what,” [soon-to-be former Democratic Congresswoman Debbie] Halvorson said. “This is the chance of a lifetime. Open seats don’t come along very often.”

‘Open seats don’t come along very often.’ Tremble for the Republic, my friends.  Not because she’s wrong, because she’s not: they don’t. Continue reading Update on IL-02: Democrats starting up their internecine primary war.

#rsrh Jesse Jackson, Jr (D, IL-02) under investigation… again.

It’s the ‘again’ that grates:

Federal prosecutors and FBI agents in Washington have launched a new criminal investigation of Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. involving alleged financial improprieties, including possible misuse of funds monitored by Congress, law enforcement sources tell NBC News.

The probe prompted lawyers for Jackson — who has been on a leave of absence from Congress since June for medical treatment — to meet with federal prosecutors this week in an attempt to persuade them not to bring charges against the congressman, sources said.

Says it all, huh?  Well, that and the sheer weary despair found in this headline: “Despite federal probe, mental illness, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. expected to be re-elected.”  Heck, the whole article at that link is not so much an article as it is a call for help.  Fortunately, there is actually an alternative: Brian Woodworth.  Because it’s becoming fairly clear that Jackson’s political career is over: why not have his replacement be chosen by, you know, an election or something?

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PS: We interviewed Brian a while back.

The Democrats will force Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr to resign.

The Washington Post is reporting the first whispers of resignation – couched as ‘advice’ from Rep. Jackson’s ‘friends’ – and that’s only going to get worse for the Congressman.

…And I’m torn on what to write next.  Do I really want to come up with a workable scenario where the Illinois Combine can legally switch out Rep. Jackson in time for the election?  They might do it!

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Moe Lane

PS: Brian Woodworth for Congress.


#rsrh Rev. Jesse Jackson forgets who his son works for. (Spoiler warning: it’s for all of US*.)

I’d normally be more or less willing to wait until the Wheel of True Reasons finished spinning on Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr and let us know whether his ‘exhaustion’ was actually sex addiction, prescription drug overdose, other substance abuse, suicidal depression – or, hell, actual exhaustion.  But this statement by Jackson’s father is simply too arrogantly provocative, even for the Rev. Jesse Jackson.  And that’s saying something.

At an event in Chicago on Monday, Jackson’s father offered no details either.

“He is under medical supervision to regain his strength,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson said. “At an appropriate time he’ll share with the public that which he feels they should have.”

Continue reading #rsrh Rev. Jesse Jackson forgets who his son works for. (Spoiler warning: it’s for all of US*.)

#rsrh Do I feel bad about this?

I suppose I do, in an intellectual sort of way:

At [Debbie] Halvorson’s campaign headquarters, the mood was somber almost from the moment the polls closed. Halvorson smiled — her staff sulked — and she tried to stay positive for the TV cameras when she arrived at her election-night party in a downtown Homewood bar.

She said she was happy about the outcome, and happy for [Jesse] Jackson [Jr.], though he didn’t take her call when she tried to congratulate him.

I mean, I wouldn’t have taken Debbie Halvorson’s call, either – but then, I’m not a Democrat anymore.  Still, it’s a bit not-nice of the Congressman.  Guess I’m just a big softy that way – or just disappointed.  Halvorson would have been a lot easier to beat in that district.

Ach, well. Go Brian Woodworth!

Moe Lane

Jesse Jackson… *forgets* where he was when MLK was assassinated?

Via the indispensable James Taranto, it would appear so:

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson visited the Occupy DC group in McPherson Square on Monday evening after the group marched on police headquarters and city hall.

In an exclusive interview with The Washington Examiner, he compared the occupy movement to the Civil Rights Era sit-ins.

“All of it is occupying for economic justice. Dr. King’s last act on earth was to come to Washington and to occupy the Mall and put the focus on economic justice,” Jackson said.

As James notes, MLK was actually assassinated in Memphis, TN.  Which Jesse Jackson knows: he was there when it happened.  But I guess that the Occupy movement would rather be told that what they’re doing is much more like the I Have A Dream speech than it’s like a city sanitation strike*.  What’s that?  It’s not really classy to turn political assassinations into partisan political talking points?  Go yell at Jesse Jackson, Sr.: he’s the one that set the precedent here.  Continue reading Jesse Jackson… *forgets* where he was when MLK was assassinated?

Dick Durbin knew all along that Blagojevich was selling off the seat.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Hot Air readers. I agree with Allahpundit that this was probably legal of Durbin, but I still think that he really should have mentioned it to somebody when the indictments started piling up.

This would only be a bombshell if it had been unexpected.

AP Exclusive: Blago talked to Durbin about Senate

CHICAGO (AP) – Just two weeks before his arrest on corruption charges, then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich floated a plan to nominate to the U.S. Senate the daughter of his biggest political rival in return for concessions on his pet projects, people familiar with the plan told The Associated Press.

Blagojevich told fellow Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin he was thinking of naming Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to the seat vacated when Barack Obama won the presidential election, according to two Durbin aides who spoke on condition of anonymity.


The aides said the concessions Blagojevich wanted in return were progress on capital spending projects and a health care bill that were stalled in the Legislature.

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