“Stay Here Forever.” (@jeweljk)

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I follow precisely two singers on Twitter.  Weird Al Yankovic is the first one, and Jewel is the second.  I know, an odd pairing in its way – but I think that both of them are finding that things are working out OK, and I like the idea of following non-self-destructive musicians.  Besides, they’re both extremely good at what they do.

Stay Here Forever, Jewel

Also, it’s probably just as well that embedding’s disabled for Jewel’s “What’s Simple is True.”  Because… well, damn.  And here I was thinking eroticism was dead in Western popular musical culture.

Following @jeweljk and “What you are:” some thoughts.

I will admit, I started following Jewel on Twitter partially because she seemed both sane and non-evil when the Polanski thing blew up; and because I think supporting clean water initiatives is a very good charity to be involved in. But I like the way she charts out how her songs evolve.

The Song Lyrics.

The Work in Progress

I like it; it does well by doing good. The ‘doing good’ part is in giving an authentic, not-scripted look into the process by which Jewel makes her music; the lack of post-production removes one of the usual layers of separation from the artist and the performer. The ‘doing well’ part is in the assumption that this will end up with more enthusiasm for buying her music. To be less pretentious about it: I like how this feels more real than the usual stuff about how people write songs, and I think that doing this will put money in her pocket. Which is cool.