Fifty years ago today, JFK was murdered by a Commie.

If you have any reaction to that besides just like Fascists, Communists are evil bastards that murder people that they don’t like then I regret to say that you’re probably doing it wrong.  I’m sure that the assassination was a very traumatic thing to live through, but it’ll never get any better if you won’t stop picking at it.  Seriously: the world does not revolve around the Baby Boomers.

Never has, never will.

Moe Lane

PS: I personally am very much against Communists murdering anybody, particularly American elected officials.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

In which I spoiler the JFK mystery for everybody.


A REVIEW OF EDWARD JAY EPSTEIN’S The JFK ASSASSINATION DIARY: My Search For Answers to the Mystery of the Century.


Lee Harvey Oswald did it.

Moe Lane

PS: Remember, this is the federal government that we’re talking about.  The people who brought us Amtrak, the Susan B Anthony dollar, and Obamacare.

*I actually assume that Glenn Reynolds agrees with me.

#rsrh Was the INTENT here to accuse JFK of being a sociopath?

Note that I’m using that term colloquially, not offering a clinical diagnosis.  But this is an incredibly unappealing portrayal of John F Kennedy: it relates the story of an ‘affair’ between a barely-legal White House press officer and a manipulative, domineering, insensitive, distant, and frankly cruel scumbag with Daddy issues and a profound inability to keep it in his pants.  If if is also a true account, then there are a number of former Washington press journalists that need to make public atonement for their part in covering it up at the time.

And when I say ‘atonement’ I mean ‘sackcloth and ashes.’  Also, I am not actually using figurative language.

Moe Lane Continue reading #rsrh Was the INTENT here to accuse JFK of being a sociopath?

Today is the 50th anniversary of JFK’s moon speech.

With this speech, the USA effectively abandoned any plan to return to the pre-Sputnik paradigm of an orderly and systematic exploration and exploitation of outer space; and confirmed that all of our space infrastructure development would be for specific, one-off Grand Projects instead of for generic, multi-purpose use.  And, oh, yes, that we’d get to the Moon without actually making sure that we would find it easier to go back a second time.

It’s enough to make me wish for a time machine, except that: I don’t speak Russian; couldn’t find Baikonur on a map; and don’t know how to operate a surface-to-air missile anyway.  Still, if that damned beeping ball Sputnik had blown up on the pad in 1957 then maybe JFK wouldn’t have mucked up the American manned space program* so thoroughly in 1961…

(Full disclosure: my wife works in a space-related field.)

Moe Lane

*Which is rapidly becoming the former American manned space program.

*I* could run a subway yard switchboard at the age of 7, Ed.

I could also drive a subway train, take tickets, tell people which platform to take, and – most importantly – stand around on the steps and the clock and shoot the breeze with my dad’s fellow employees and union members*.  It’s a NYC thing: hard to explain to people who aren’t from the area.

So, regarding the kid doing ATC work at JFK: it sounds like: a, the adult was right there; and b, the child was easily up for handling the not-particularly-challenging task of repeating that various airplanes were cleared for takeoff.  Which means I’m not going freak out over it.

Moe Lane

*Hell, if it weren’t for nepotism rules I’d probably be a railroad man myself; my family has a knack for it.