Joe Biden gave bad (read: illegal) advice on responsible gun use. To his WIFE.

:holding head in hands: Of course he did.

Background: in what may end up being the most epic Joe Biden Opens His Mouth EVER the Vice President told a Facebook ‘town hall’ hosted by Parenting Magazine that he had advised his wife that her proper firearms strategy in case of home invasion should be to… get a shotgun, brandish it, and empty the barrels into the air… Hold up!  Wait, wait, I know what you’re going to say.

  • You’re going to say Do not wield a firearm unless you are prepared to use it; do not point a firearm at a person unless you are prepared to shoot that person; do not shoot a person unless you are prepared to kill him or her.  And you would be right.  Those are all true things.  But that’s not Jill Biden’s only problem if she follows that advice.
  • You’re also going to say, like Reason.com did, that “since hypothetical frightened Jill Biden has just fired two shells into the air from a double-barreled shotgun, she is now disarmed, and has to reload before she can defend herself.”  And you would be right there, too.  Because that is also true.  But those are not Jill Biden’s only two problems if she follows that advice.

It’s the third problem that is going to really complicate Jill Biden’s life: what her husband suggests that she do in this situation is actually a felony in the State of Delaware*. (more…)

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