In the mail: Hunting Four Horsemen.

I actually bought a physical copy of HUNTING FOUR HORSEMEN, because it’s Jim Geraghty and he’s a buddy. It’s a CIA black ops thriller in a post-coronavirus universe, with the added benefit of not being 750 pages. I loved Tom Clancy’s work, but he really needed more editors willing and able to tell him Cut it down another 20%.

On pre-order: Jim Geraghty’s HUNTING FOUR HORSEMEN.

Jim’s an old friend from the Time Before and he writes books, too! HUNTING FOUR HORSEMEN is his latest technothriller and while I’m sure he’d happily cough up an author’s copy, why should I deny him that heady pleasure of a sale? Anyway, it’s a sequel to BETWEEN TWO SCORPIONS, which I read, and found nifty. Feel free to check them out.

Book of the Week: Between Two Scorpions.

Just grabbed it now: Between Two Scorpions is from my old buddy Jim Geraghty from the Life*. If you haven’t figured out yet that it’s an espionage thriller… um, it’s an espionage thriller. I look forward to finishing it.

Moe Lane

*Since such things must be said, these days: Jim hasn’t sent me a copy of the book, or done anything to shill it to me. I’m putting this up because I want to.

Book of the Week: “Heavy Lifting.”

Truthfully, Heavy Lifting: Grow Up, Get a Job, Raise a Family, and Other Manly Advice (by Jim Geraghty and Cam Edwards) is also an In The Mail book, seeing as I got it this afternoon, but I cracked the book open at random and found it a good read, so it’s probably safe to sign off on this one. I’ll probably end up interviewing Jim about the book, at some point in the near future. So keep watching the skies…

And so, adieu to 1635: A Parcel of Rogues (The Ring of Fire)… which I still haven’t gotten around to getting, somehow. Why is that? …Oh, right, the Delta Green Kickstarter. Continue reading Book of the Week: “Heavy Lifting.”

Tweet of the Day, You’re On A BOAT, @jimgeraghty… edition.

…so stop scooping my post ideas, OK?

As you can see, this was in response to some dude or dudette on the Internet’s getting all bent out of shape because Jim noted that when Rep. Joe Wilson (SC) shouted “YOU LIE!” at Barack Obama’s claim that Obamacare would be extended to illegal immigrants, Joe Wilson turned out to be… correct; they’re talking about doing that. Which I was on the verge of looking up, except that Jim beat it to me. While on vacation, the so-and-so.

Ach, well. At least I got the Frank J Fleming interview in before he did.

Today is the release date for The Weed Agency.

The Weed Agency: A Comic Tale of Federal Bureaucracy Without Limits is Jim Geraghty’s… comic tale of federal bureaucracy without limits, actually.  The subtitle is a pretty accurate description, all things considered.  You may remember that I interviewed Jim about the book; it’s formally out today, so go buy it.

Moe Lane

PS: Nah, Jim isn’t paying me to shill the book, more’s the pity. But if you buy it via the link I get a little bit of Amazon money, so there you go: that’s where I’m selling out, for a given value of ‘selling out.’

RS Interview: Jim Geraghty on ‘The Weed Agency.’

I had the opportunity to read a review copy of NRO writer Jim Geraghty’s The Weed Agency: A Comic Tale of Federal Bureaucracy Without Limits.  My quick review: it’s a funny, fast read that labors under the problem that the most outlandish parts in it – the stuff that sounds most over-the-top – are all things that actually have happened.  It’s not quite a book where you laugh because the alternative is to cry, but you can see that from there.  At any rate: Jim was kind enough to do a phone interview with me on the book.

Download audio here

RS Interview – The Weed Agency.

The Weed Agency comes out on June 3rd: by all means, check it out.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

In the Mail: The Weed Agency.

Jim Geraghty’s first novel (I believe). Halfway through it now, and it’s depressing reading*, because: it’s all true. Worse, the true stuff includes all the horrible things that you’d think that Jim was making up about government bureaucracies. If anything, I think that he’s sugar-coated it in places, simply because you need to ease people into the Awful Truth of how bad it’s gotten.

Book’s out in a couple of weeks; I’ll almost certainly have interviewed Jim about the book before then. By all means, pre-order the book.

Moe Lane

*The tone is chipper, mind you. And yes, chipper AND depressing is an interesting combo.