Jim Treacher has the Jean Schmidt voicemail.

The call can be heard here (the language is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, although people getting tired of that one annoying loudmouth babbling about how he’s about to get murdered in his sleep by senior citizens upset about their health care might think differently); via Instapundit [Oops! Sorry, Glenn].

Moe Lane

PS: I’d just like to note for the record that I had forgotten about Jean Schmidt’s hit-and-run* until reminded; and that Rep. Schmidt has been a favorite target of the netroots since 2004 (as a woman who was pro-victory in Iraq, this is not really unexpected).  Apparently, at least one person out there remembers both; I suggest that Rep. Cleaver start earnestly praying that there aren’t more who only heard what he said, and not what he actually was seen to do.  Because what he did was recorded, by people who would be happy to release it as evidence.

So let’s all hope that doesn’t become an issue, hey?  Yes, even the DNC/DCCC: I don’t think that they want to get dragged into this any further than they have to, February fundraising deficit or no.

Moe Lane

*I understand that they never found the guy who did that, either.  Which is… interesting, no?

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Somebody hit Jim Treacher with a car last night. #rsrh

Originally reported as a hit-and-run by the Secret Service; not actually contradicted by this, although Jim’s reporting this from the perspective of a guy who’s had his knee broken, which means that he’s in a particular universe of pain that I am personally thankful to have never personally visited.  Hot Air has more.

Best wishes and prayers for Jim, of course.  He’s both a good guy and a valuable member of the VRWC, and if does turn out to be the Secret Service and they stonewall… then I encourage Tucker Carlson to go all Breitbart on them.

The Daily Caller goes live Monday.

…and I still don’t know whether it’ll succeed. The ‘sphere is littered with failed start-up news/opinion sites, after all. But they also got Jim Treacher, which shows a basic intelligence on the part of Tucker Carlson.

Guess we’ll start seeing Monday. One piece of advice: Go live Monday. Even if it looks bad; it’ll look even worse if they can’t even make the launch date.

(Background here; site here.)

:raised eyebrow: Jim Treacher going to work for Tucker Carlson’s new site?

If this is true – and forgive me for saying this, but this would be precisely the sort of epic-level joke that Jim Treacher’s so good at – then The Daily Caller might not actually suck.

I hope it’s not a joke: Treacher’s a good choice for the site, and he needs the creative room that a steady paycheck will give him.  But I’ll say this, though – I certainly hope that he wasn’t added for ‘balance.’  You don’t want to balance Jim Treacher.  You want to reinforce him.

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Tweet of the day, lgf edition.

From Jim Treacher, via Tim Blair, via AoSHQ.  This is either going to be the funniest darn thing you will read all day, or you are going to scratch your head, befuddled; there is no middle ground.

Personally, I am more or less indifferent to the Charles Johnson saga: his demolishing of Dan Rather’s professional career aside (a rather big aside, admittedly), Little Green Footballs never really seemed part of the GOP/conservative ‘sphere,’ except by default.  Plus, he was always just a touch too shrill about Islam for my liking – and, honestly, I had him privately pegged as being motivated by fear after 9/11, instead of anger.

But he’s melting down entertainingly.  Although I do feel sorry for his readers, a lot of whom are trying to figure out what the heck is happening over there.

Moe Lane

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A STORC choice to make.

“Your sluggardly, world-weary defeatism can inspire those with the energy and passion to do what you can’t or won’t.”

I meant to link to this Jim Treacher post a couple of days ago.  He decided to take as inspiration the unsung hero of Animal House. No, not Bluto:

Stork. Continue reading A STORC choice to make.

Personally, I like “Treachery.”

Jim Treacher is thinking about a name change for his blog – I’m personally fine with his current one, but then I’ve been doing this since 2003 or so; I’m accustomed to in-jokes and whimsical names.  On the other hand, I didn’t exactly go with either when I picked the name for this blog.  On the gripping hand, it’s not my call anyway.

Jim’s been doing fun stuff with Twitter – that really does sound dirty – so check him out.