“And I brought up the Vice President of the United States…CHUCK.”

That’s Reince Priebus’s punchline to the exchange that started here:

Details here: basically, Chuck Todd opened with a bid of a (female, if it matters) TX GOP executive director saying that men made for better negotiators.  Reince raised by pointing out that Joe Biden once claimed that the goal of the GOP was to re-enslave black people, Chuck tried to suggest that that Reince has to answer for stuff said by people in positions of authority, Reince ripostes with Vice President of the United States, Chuck changes the subject.

Victory: Reince Priebus. (more…)


Joe Biden is so totally running in 2016. And that’s a problem for the Democrats.

Fascinating Politico article here about Joe Biden and his desire to run in 2016.  Here is the basic problem, in a nutshell: Hillary Clinton is more or less qualified to be President* – or, at least, the Democratic nominee for President – but she is a horrible campaigner and nobody likes her.  People like Joe Biden, and he is better at the entire campaigning thing.  However: by the time 2016 rolls around “close to the Obama administration” is not going to be a selling point in the general election… and while both Clinton and Biden severely suffer from that problem, Biden suffers from it a heck of a lot more. (more…)


Joe Biden determined to harsh your mellow.

Guess what?  Notorious War on Some Drugs warrior Joe Biden ain’t planning to change his spots:

The Obama Administration is not pushing marijuana legalization on the federal level, Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday in an exclusive interview with TIME.

Just weeks after President Barack Obama told the New Yorker that the drug is no more dangerous than alcohol, Biden said the Administration supports smarter enforcement, but not outright legalization. “I think the idea of focusing significant resources on interdicting or convicting people for smoking marijuana is a waste of our resources,” Biden told TIME in an interview aboard an Amtrak train on the way to an event in Philadelphia. “That’s different than [legalization]. Our policy for our Administration is still not legalization, and that is [and] continues to be our policy.”



Nasty South Carolinian bigot Dick Harpootlian visited White House.

Way to bury the lead there, Wall Street Journal. Forget various Democrats whining about where that sweet, sweet campaign contribution money is going: this is a bit more pressing.

[Dick] Harpootlian said he visited Joe Biden, the other most prominent potential 2016 contestant, in the White House about a month ago and told the vice president he would support him if he decides to run.



Joe Biden doing his Clown Show routine during State of the Union.

So, yesterday there was an animated gif going around that showed Joe Biden being the most Joe Biden that Joe Biden could possibly be…

…but I told myself that it wasn’t real.

Nope. It’s real.



Quote of the Day …Yes, Joe Biden Is Running For President edition.

And he’s going to be a vicious little weasel about it, too.

“John [Kerry], thank you for your passion and perseverance and the incredible, incredible energy you’ve shown in representing American interests around the world,” Biden said. “I have been here for — I have to admit — for eight presidents, and I have never seen a man or a woman with as much energy and commitment that you have shown. John, we thank you for that.”

Bolding mine, because I enjoy making trouble.  Your move, Hillary Clinton.

Moe Lane

PS: As my wife notes… no, this is subtle.  For Joe Biden, at least.


I suspect that Robert Gates does not [want] Joe Biden to be the next President.

Just a guess.

[Robert Gates] sent a copy of the book to Obama with what he describes as “a very warm inscription.”

Did he also send a copy to Vice President Biden, described in the book as having been wrong on just about just every national security issue for decades?

“No, I didn’t.”

Via @NorahODonnell. I should also note my quiet, admittedly slightly conspiratorial theory that Gates wrote his book to make sure that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee in 2016.  Note, of course, that this does not mean that he wants her to win, per se; just that it’s better her than Joe Biden.


Joe Biden gets a Detroit woman killed.

Good job there, Mr. Vice President:

It was shortly before 1 a.m. Nov. 2 and Renisha McBride was involved in an accident with a parked vehicle in Detroit.

More than two hours later and six blocks away, she was shot in the face by a man who told police he thought someone was breaking into his Dearborn Heights home. The 54-year-old homeowner, according to police, said his 12-gauge shotgun discharged accidentally.



Joe Biden is probably secretly grateful that Charlie Wilson is dead.

Jammie Wearing Fools sums the situation up nicely:

…blithering idiot Joe Biden last night declared he was going to say something outrageous and followed through in his inimitable style by calling Republicans neanderthals.

We can only imagine the shocked face on Democrats when Republicans don’t roll over for Obama when he needs their votes for his Syrian folly.

…but I will add this: since Joe Biden is so pumped about the Violence Against Women Act, I’m wondering where I can find where Joe Biden ripped into the notorious wife-beater (and now deceased) former Congressman Charlie Wilson of Ohio*.  He would have had an excellent opportunity to do that, given that Biden went to Wilson’s former district to make a stump speech at the same time that the former Congressman was unsuccessfully trying to get his seat back; but for some strange reason I can’t find Biden’s no-doubt righteously indignant attacks on Wilson. (more…)


Quote of the Day, SING It, Brother @JonahNRO! edition.

Brother Jonah contemplates the likelihood of a Joe Biden Presidential run:

Why is this happening?

It’s a difficult question to boil down to a single variable, given the swirling maelstrom of egos, agendas, and issues at play. Still, one answer does seem to cover the waterfront: because ours is a just and generous God. From my admittedly selfish perspective, a Biden candidacy would be great for everybody — and by everybody I mean people who would like to see the Democratic party descend into a chaotic food fight.

They’re great fun to watch from the outside, yeah.  Especially since whoever wins will be stuck with simultaneously apologizing for, defending, and keeping an arm’s-length distance away from every policy made during this administration*. Can’t wait.

Moe Lane

*Which is to say: the situation in 2016 will be remarkably different from the one in 2008.  At least, for Democrats.  For Republicans, it will be  remarkably similar, except of course for the lack of vultures on our shoulders and terrifying portents in the skies and giant basalt, non-Euclidean cities rising out of the South Pacific and so forth.  I’m still fond of GWB, mind you – but oh, my, but that turned out to be one heck of an electoral cross to bear.


Yup, Joe Biden’s running.

The Iowa Democratic steak fry thing is one thing; this is quite another.

Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal told the [Des Moines] Register last month that during the Obama inauguration festivities in January, he was invited to a get-together in a tent on the lawn of the vice president’s home.

“I don’t know why, but there seemed to be an awful lot of people from Iowa there and an awful lot of people from New Hampshire there. I heard some folks who talked with a little bit of a southern drawl and I said, ‘Where are you guys from?’ and they said, ‘South Carolina,’” Gronstal said. “I’m not sure why people from all the early states were massively over-represented at a Joe Biden event.”

I assume that Gronstal is being sarcastic.  The good news for Hillary Clinton is that Joe Biden may wish to run, and will even run; but he’s going to be extremely old in 2016 for a President (even older than Reagan in his second term) and probably in poor health.  The bad news for Hillary Clinton is that Biden might still be a more attractive option to Democratic primary voters.  The excellent news is that either candidate will still be easily linked to a President whose approval ratings are stoutly reproducing the trajectory of George W Bush’s.

Moe Lane

PS: Actually, yes, that low an approval rating makes quite a bit of difference.  I should write up my Stupid Face theory of American politics sometime.


I can’t WAIT to hear Joe “RAVE Act” Biden come out as pro-pot.

Because he will.

Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes since California voters made the first move in 1996. Voters in Colorado and Washington state took the next step last year and approved pot for recreational use. Alaska is likely to vote on the same question in 2014, and a few other states are expected to put recreational use on the ballot in 2016.

Nearly half of adults have tried marijuana, 12 percent of them in the past year, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. More teenagers now say they smoke marijuana than ordinary cigarettes.

Fifty-two percent of adults favor legalizing marijuana, up 11 percentage points just since 2010, according to Pew. Sixty percent think Washington shouldn’t enforce federal laws against marijuana in states that have approved its use. Seventy-two percent think government efforts to enforce marijuana laws cost more than they’re worth.

Joe Biden thinks that he can be President in 2016; he needs Obama’s supporters to swing to him in order to get the nomination; young people are generally more pro-pot than their elders; you do the math.  That switching positions like this will invalidate everything that Joe Biden has ever said about drug use in the past is not really a concern for the Vice President; I mean, it’s not like Joe Biden ever actually believed in that stuff in the first place… or indeed anything else.  Joke’s on the people who took the man at his word, really.

(Via Hot Air Headlines)

Moe Lane

PS: I am agnostic on the subject of marijuana; then again, this post isn’t really about pot.  It’s about me anticipating Joe Biden lying about pot.

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