Nancy Pelosi looking for convenient patsies for DCCC chair, apparently.

If this is really the conventional wisdom about who’ll be the next DCCC chair: “After a nationwide thumping that leaves them with their smallest House minority in over 80 years, Democratic leaders are considering two rising stars in the party — Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro and Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy — to lead a 2016 recovery effort” – then things are even worse for the Democratic party than I thought. Even Politico noted that either man’s major appeal would be in their last names – although Politico was a good deal more coy about mentioning either’s accomplishments, mostly because neither particularly has any – and the position of DCCC chair is going to be a thankless job in 2016*.  The reality is, of course, that the Democratic party should – but will not – completely throw out its complete leadership.  And I mean that down to the committee leadership positions.  No Democratic Ranking Member or former Chair should have a Ranking Membership next year on any of the committees.  Let the new people have all the slots, because the old ones clearly don’t have a clue.

…What?  No, of course they won’t listen to me.  If I thought that they would I wouldn’t write this.

Moe Lane

*They will probably fight with knives for the position for 2018, though.


Joe Kennedy III (D CAND, MA-04 PRI) declares Tel Aviv capital of Israel.

To put it simply: Joe Kennedy recently announced in a debate that he does not consider Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel.

This is not only a rejection of the commonplace observation that “every country has the right to designate its own capital”; it’s also a rejection of Joe Kennedy’s own public and official opinion on the topic. (more…)

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