Just finished the first three series in Jack Campbell’s The Lost Fleet.

Short version: hoo, boy, these were fun. I kind of wish that I had read them earlier; but then what would I have been reading over the last two weeks?  My reaction, by series: (more…)


So. Yeah. This John Campbell (Sad Pictures for Children author) is a book-burner.

This guy has apparently decided to do something rather extravagantly contraindicated.

In 2012, a Chicago man named John Campbell created a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a book he wrote and illustrated called “Sad Pictures for Children.”

He hoped to raise $8,000, but quickly raised $51,615.

In a strange turn of events, Campbell took to Kickstarter and told his fans “It’s Over” and published a video of himself burning 127 copies of his book in a dumpster behind his apartment, “Sad Pictures for Children” because, he says, he ran out of money to ship the books (via DNAinfo).


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