#rsrh John Podheretz is giving away the game, here.

John wrote today on the subject of Obamacare: more specifically, John wrote today on the epistemic closure that caused the Left to not notice that there were powerful and persuasive arguments against Obamacare until said arguments descended upon them like a hammer from orbit. For the record, I do not guarantee that Obamacare is going to get tossed in toto: but it looks really, really bad for the individual mandate right now; and the generally feckless nature of the administration’s advocates in oral arguments are not going to fill the Supreme Court with confidence that the legislature can repair this particular train wreck.

Anyway, John Podheretz finishes his article with this:

 There will again come a time when liberals and conservatives disagree on a fundamental intellectual matter. Conservatives will take liberals and their arguments seriously and try to find the best way to argue the other side.

And the liberals will put their fingers in their ears and sing, “La la la.”

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