I *will* miss Jon Stewart, actually. He was a great coal mine canary.

If a scandal freaked him out, then you knew that the Democrats were in full Panic Mode over it.  Aside from that… eh. He’ll be gone tomorrow, and the world will not have changed.

But I can see how people might be upset that the show was over. *I* was upset after the last episode of Babylon 5, after all.  After a while, you see your favorite entertainments as being part of an orderly universe, you know what I mean?  And re-runs are never the same, somehow. Hopefully they’ll find something else to veg out to…

Buried lede: Comedy Central expects Republicans to win in 2016.

You don’t load up a guy like this to replace Jon Stewart if you’re expecting four more years of a Democrat.

On Monday, Comedy Central announced that South African comedian Trevor Noah would be replacing Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. To get a feel for Noah’s brand of humor, one could simply watch his debut on the fake news show in December of 2014, when he jokingly declared that present-day America had worse race relations than Apartheid South Africa.

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I *will* miss Jon Stewart; he was actually very useful as a distraction.

Which is mean, but I wanted the title to be mean. Jon Stewart was often very funny, and the times where he totally lost his stuff and went off on the Democrats for doing something stupid were comedy gold.  But the reality is that he fed a lot of my political opponents the policy equivalent of left-handed sugar: looked like the real stuff, tasted like the real stuff, didn’t metabolize at all, at all. I am distinctly in the minority in this opinion, but here goes: it does our side no lasting harm with the other side is given a steady diet of nonsense and told that it’s received wisdom. If you don’t learn anything while still thinking that you’ve learned everything, eventually you fall flat on your face.  All your opponent has to do is wait.

But, again: funny guy.  Don’t know what the heck the Other Side is going to do for their fake news next year, though.  Probably whine a lot.

Moe Lane

PS: In the end, Jon Stewart made and moved product. Let’s not sentimentalize that.  Especially if your own business model involved using that product for your own purposes.

Jon Stewart, meet IRS-derived meltdown. Meltdown, Jon Stewart.

This particular event surpasses even Stewart’s hysterical reaction to Scott Brown winning the MA-SEN special election.

Now never mind for a moment that Stewart has a somewhat, ah, slanted opinion about Benghazi; also put to one side for the moment his obligatory smacks at the right wing. The point is this: Barry, you are [expletive deleted]. Jon Stewart ain’t going to carry the President’s water on this one – which means that it’s REALLY bad – so Barack Obama might as well start to process of determining who to fire. I think that it’s going to take at least a Cabinet member being burned to cauterize this one…

Yeah, Paul Krugman walked into that Jon Stewart buzzsaw, there.

Stewart even brought out the “I SAID, GOOD DAY!” on this one. Background: Stewart made fun of the trillion dollar coin; Krugman got stung, started complaining about Stewart; and hijinks ensued.

That’s just four minutes of humorous groin strikes, there. Although Stewart was possibly inadvertently a bit TOO forthright about his show’s operation methodology…

Moe Lane

#rsrh Jon Stewart kicks the WI recallers while they’re down.

And by ‘down’ I mean… oh, just watch the video. I kept waiting for Stewart to leave off kicking the Left on this – I was prepared and ready to accept that Stewart would leave off kicking the Left – but he. Did. Not. Stop.

Unless there was more than what was on that clip. But what was on that clip was not so much brutal as it was completely aimed at one side. That wasn’t mine. Highly surreal.

Chris Wallace schools Jon Stewart.

You know, I think that I want Chris Wallace to be in charge of the 2012 debates. He deserves a reward for giving Jon Stewart the business in this one:

The fun really starts at about 5 minutes in: Stewart tried what Ace calls the “Clown Nose On / Clown Nose Off” (after stating, more or less, that conservatives are incapable of understanding liberals’ motivations) and Chris Wallace demonstrated that he was expecting precisely that answer. Because, really, nobody is as smart as they think that they are. As Jon Stewart demonstrates, over and over and over again; his repeated insisting that he wasn’t being ruled by his biases kind of lost power with every counter-example that Wallace put up on the screen. But then, it’s rare on television that people are actually grilled on things.

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#rsrh Just *how* bad was the media frenzy…

…over the Sarah Palin emails? Put it this way: Jon Stewart went the entire segment without slamming THAT WOMAN once.

Not ONCE. Heck, he didn’t even try.

Via Ann Althouse – who reminds us that the ‘letter from God’ had already been published in Going Rogue: An American Life. Brilliant job there, media folks: your most significant news item from this sorry exercise had already made the bestseller list. In 2009.

#rsrh Jon Stewart on #Weinergate.

Via Instapundit, Jon Stewart’s tiptoe through the minefield that is Weinergate.

Contra (somewhat) JammieWearingFool, I’m not really upset that Stewart went with his, um, ‘helpful’ defense re the size of Weiner’s… genitalia: Jon Stewart and Anthony Weiner are friends, they’ve been friends since college, and Jon Stewart pretty explicitly called people’s attention to this before talking about it (not quite hanging a lampshade, but close). Also, what’s making Stewart really mad is that the blogs are the ones doing the research that the media didn’t; speaking as somebody who crafted one of the arrows that got shot at Weiner, I’m gratified that somebody else noticed. Continue reading #rsrh Jon Stewart on #Weinergate.

#rsrh Jon Stewart’s 2nd rally plans down in flames?

Regrettably, it turns out that Jon Stewart’s call for a second rally to address all of the concerns that have arisen from the first rally was, in fact, a joke… OK, OK.  You either already knew that, or you didn’t know that he had called for a second rally in the first place (and would have tagged it on the spot as a joke even if you had).  Still, that rally probably sucked up valuable Democratic oxygen for the Right the veritable weekend before the elections, so we want to encourage the practice.  I can think of no better addiction for the Left to have than for them to acquire a taste for impractical smug.


Well, more of a taste.