#rsrh QotD, ONE OF US! ONE OF US! Edition.

From this review of The Avengers*:

Who Would Win In A Fight: Thor Or The Hulk? Look, I’m a busy man; I don’t have time for this geek crap. And Hulk is the strongest there is.

Guess we know which comic books Pete Vonder Haar read, growing up.

Moe Lane

*From what I’m hearing, Joss Whedon is looking good for having Hollywood bankroll whatever the heck he feels like directing next.  But… from what I’ve seen, you get one Golden Ticket per mega hit, Joss.  Spend it wisely.

Chris is smoking crack, of course…

when it comes to this interpretation of Firefly:

…this is an absolutely brilliant dissection of human madness. The plot is not about Malcolm Reynolds, Hellbusting, hardbitten idealist-turned-cynic leading his ragtag, fugitive fleet on a quest for freedom. That’s the boring cover. No. It’s about Malcolm Reynolds, shattered survivor of the Battle of Serenity Valley,* who was so badly broken by that battle and its results that he experienced a psychotic break.

The show is about life inside his fractured mind.

It is the only way the show makes sense, and the only way it’s truly enjoyable. Each element/character in his “crew” is actually a part of his fractured mind. Zoe is his loyalty, Wash his lightheartedness, Inara his libido, Jayne his physical courage, Kaylee his innocence, Simon his certainty, River his awareness, Book his faith in God. They’re not symbolic of these things, they’re the things themselves.

…but we will forgive him that; after all, it has led him to the proper place.  And who are we to say which path to the donning of the Brown Coat is the best one?

So welcome, brother.

No Joss Whedon for Buffy Movie?

Yes, I’m late to this particular party; and yes, it was Joss Whedon’s own decision… still.  Why precisely do they expect me to go watch it, without the cast OR the director?

Hey, fun game. Which was better: Once More, With Feeling, The Body, or Hush? I mean, obviously it was Once More, With Feeling – but I suppose that I should give other people a chance to justify their choice.