Location Seed: Whistler’s Peak, Kansas.

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Whistler’s Peak, Kansas


Whistler’s Peak, Kansas

Population: 3,560,000 (2010 census)

Type of Government: Mayor (incumbent: M. Kent, R)

Representation in Congress:  The Fourth Scion of the Dusk (R, KS-05); and Spinning Jenny (I, KS-06)

Principal Industry: Whistler’s Peak is the center of Earth’s nascent astroshamanistic industry.  There are three major aerospace ports: Robert A. Heinlein Interplanetary, Anderson/Piper Interdimensional, and Whistler’s Peak International.



My RedState post on Saturday’s closed primaries.

I’m linking to this today instead of tomorrow because it’s actually pretty important. Well, maybe not the actual post; but the concept behind it. Very quickly: all four states having primaries and/or caucuses on Saturday are closed ones (only Republicans can vote); and three of the four will not allow independents to vote in the primary/caucus, either. Of those four, Louisiana still looks good for Trump in the polling. Kansas superficially looks good for him, but actually promises a galloping disaster for Trump (26% in a four man pre-debate poll that includes Kasich is bad news, especially since Trump doesn’t get last minute voters). Kentucky hasn’t been polled since before the last debate-but-one; Maine hasn’t been polled this year. In other words: keep watching the skies, because these races may go get funky.


Kansas and South Carolina decline to passively accept Gitmo detainees.

Let me add a little subtext here:

Republican state leaders and lawmakers are pushing back against the Pentagon’s potential plans to relocate Guantanamo Bay detainees at prisons in their states.

“Simply put, we do not want them in our states,” reads a letter from Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley sent Tuesday to Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

“Please know that we will take any action within our power to make sure no Guantanamo Bay detainees are transferred to South Carolina or Kansas.”

To wit: …and you so-and-sos in Dizzy City have done your level best in the past to get rid of both of us – and failed. Elections have consequences, bub. Kansas, especially. Anybody here think that Paul Davis would have stood up to the administration on this one? No? Me, neither.

Moe Lane

PS: There’s a real easy solution to Gitmo, by the way: stop acting like it’s a problem.


Turns out Harry Reid was dumping money into Greg Orman’s race after all.

Assuming that the Graham-Everett-Wheeler Many-Worlds hypothesis for resolving quantum mechanics is correct, in some alternate universe right now I am posting this Tweet with an angry I told you so.

…because in that world ‘independent’ Greg Orman actually won his Senate race, and alternate-me would have already started counting down to the date where Orman would reveal that he was a Democrat after all.  Which, indeed, the this-universe Greg Orman might as well admit it now anyway, given that we can actually see the receipt for his purchase and everything. (more…)


What’s the matter with Kansas… oh, come on, the title is practically required.

Oh, this is good.

In an election that witnessed crushing Democratic losses in the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, and in key gubernatorial races, the victories of Kansas Republicans Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts have been among the most painful for many Democrats to absorb.

‘Among.’ Hee. Moving on…

In an election that witnessed crushing Democratic losses in the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, and in key gubernatorial races, the victories of Kansas Republicans Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts have been among the most painful for many Democrats to absorb.

Oops! Need to do a new copy-and-paste. Hold on. (more…)

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Greg Orman (D* CAND, Kansas-SEN): Oh, yeah, sure, Obama can have whoever he wants.

This is not an unreasonable position for a Democrat to take, of course; or, rather, it is unreasonable, but it is not particularly unexpected. But since Greg Orman is still urinating on people’s legs and telling them that it’s bipartisanship, well

Democratic Senate candidate Greg Orman said that he would allow the president to choose whomever he “feels he needs to pick” to serve in cabinet positions.

“At the end of the day, we sort of let to need chief executives, whether they are Republicans or Democrats, pick the team that they feel like they need to pick to run various cabinet agencies,” Orman said during a Kansas Senate debate with incumbent Pat Roberts (R., Kan.) on Wednesday.



Why Greg Orman (D CAND*, Kansas-SEN) is either lying, or stupid.

This… things do not work this way.

More here.  Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that Greg Orman manages to win election this November. If he tried this scenario, the only thing that he’d do is volunteering to never be considered for any sort of leadership position by either party. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans would be willing to give him any kind of subcommittee Chairmanship/Ranking Membership: for that matter, they wouldn’t want to give him a seat on any worthwhile committee at all. That’s true even if Orman’s switching wouldn’t actually result in the Senate flipping, no matter how briefly: this guy would endlessly roil the day to day operations of any committee that he was actually on. (more…)


Greg Charlie Crist Orman.

First thing that popped into my head when I saw this tweet* about Greg Charlie Crist Orman:

…and this Washington Post article, listing the stuff that Greg Orman doesn’t want to get into.

Greenlight the Keystone XL pipeline? Orman said he doesn’t have enough information to say yes or no.

What about gun control? He said gun restrictions should be “strengthened” but would not specify whether he backs an assault-weapons ban.

And on the biggest question of all — Would he caucus with Democrats or Republicans? — Orman insists he’s not sure.

It’s not in the best interests for us to say that,” Orman said in an interview here last week.



Ad funding and the state of play in Kansas-SEN.

Adrian Gray and I are pretty much on the same page:

This is what he linked to: (more…)

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