Book of the Week: Captain Trader Helmsman Spy (Fall of the Censor Book 4)

Karl Gallagher’s latest book in his Fall of the Censor space opera series (Captain Trader Helmsman Spy) is out! Haven’t gotten a chance to crack it open yet, but that’s not Karl’s fault. Looking forward to reading it… and looking forward to the actual Fall of the Censorate, too. But that will likely take some time.

Tweet of the Day, Good (And Slightly Belated) News About @KarlKGallagher edition.

Karl’s back from the hospital! That’s a relief. Buy his books: doctors are expensive.

#commissionearned: because, after all, we are not Communists.

@KarlKGallagher’s out of surgery.

Karl’s a good guy, fellow author, and former commenter here. I was a little worried when we didn’t hear from him after his surgery last week, but he seems to be at least stable. Maybe go buy a few of his books? Every little bit helps.


It’s @KarlKGallagher’s birthday. Buy his books.

That’s always the right answer for ‘What do you get an author?’ A sale, o my droogies. You get them a sale.

Anyway: if you haven’t gotten Karl Gallagher’s Storm Between the Stars yet first get that, then get its sequel Between Home and Ruin. Both SF, both space opera, I’m in the middle of the second one now. Buy his books! They’re good and it’s his birthday.


I might have been able to score a copy of Karl Gallagher’s BETWEEN HOME AND RUIN (sequel to STORM BETWEEN THE STARS), because we’re Internet buds – but at three bucks it’s a steal anyway. This series is hard SF with human-sounding dialogue and the last one had a good plot; I’ll let you know how this one goes. But do pick up the first book, if you haven’t yet. It’s worth your time and attention.

Book of the Week: The Lost War.

Just started reading it today: Karl Gallagher laid a review copy upon my unworthy hands, and so far it goes well. The basic premise of The Lost War is Let’s send a SCA event to a medieval fantasy setting! and seeing what happens then. And, I must admit: I myself have often wondered what would actually happen. Plus, it’s got a blurb from Duke Sir Cariadoc of the Bow, which is sufficiently gold that I may end up mentioning the book at the baronial meeting this weekend.

It’s a SCAdian thing, yeah.