The fairly redundant MST3K Kickstarter post.

Redundant in the sense that there’s almost no point in putting this post up: the new MST3K Kickstarter may actually fund before I finish typing it out. Two million in as many days is pretty impressive. Although they’re really trying for five or six, which would let them produce a full season. Crowdfunding is a fascinating development…

If you backed TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION, check your email.

I’ve prepped and sent out the short story sampler. Six stories, one vignette: one of the stories has not seen previously, and one of them is the first chapter of TINSEL RAIN. Note that the stories have not been professionally edited, and will not be commercially distributed in their present form.

Annnnnnnd that’s a wrap for the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter. Ahead of deadline, thank God. Buy the book here!

Last days of the DIFFERENT TROUBLE Kickstarter!

Greg Stolze’s DIFFERENT TROUBLE is a science fiction TTRPG supplement to TERMINATION SHOCK, which is itself a science fiction TTRPG (obviously) that aims to get playable realistic aliens and AIs, among other things. It’s a fun setting and I hear the game itself is fun to play; I’ve backed it. Greg’s just having the Kickstarter go down to the wire, that’s all.


DIFFERENT TROUBLE is a supplement to Greg Stolze’s TERMINATION SHOCK science fiction RPG: the Kickstarter’s half-over, half-funded. Check it out; the core game looks fun, although I haven’t played it yet. And, before anybody asks, it’s ethically sourced. Print on demand, so no worries about your gaming money going to fund cultural genocide and slave labor!

Moe Lane

PS: I’d comment on that hair, except I’m fairly shaggy myself. Haircuts are a bit of an interesting proposition at the moment.

Day 2, Fulfilling the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter.

Well, the bulk of the packaging is done.

Tomorrow I do all the more persnickety ones, including the international copies. We’re still on-track for me mailing them out Wednesday, which would hopefully mean people will start getting them by the end of the week. At least, that’s the goal. And from there it’s just a matter of finishing up the sampler. With any luck I’ll have it all done two weeks early.

Moe Lane

PS: Books all available here.

Regretfully, the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION pre-order store is now CLOSED.

Which just means that if you didn’t do the Kickstarter and want a signed copy of TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION (or any of my other books), you’ll just have to buy a print book from Amazon and track me down at a convention, when we start having those again. Or wait until the next Kickstarter. I do need to work out how to sell copies directly, but unfortunately I’m still two or three books away from the daily sales needed to justify the effort.

5 days to go on the MYTHIC Subscription Drive Kickstarter!

MYTHIC got funded, so I’m looking forward to it. We need more indy magazines. Also note: I have not placed any stories with this publisher and don’t have any submitted. I mean, I probably should, but it’s not like I don’t have anything else to do right now. I need an assistant. And a dedicated workspace for self-publishing. Ooh, and grab me a pony while you’re down there?