Addresses locked on the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter, emails sent.

That should get the wallpapers and the mobi/pdf/epub files out, at least. I’m working on processing the print and Kindle versions now; once I proof them, I can pull the trigger on getting the book published, and then I can order ’em, sign ’em, and send ’em out. I’m still on track, I think, for having the book available for sale by February 1st.

There’s still time to pre-order, though!

The @SJGames GURPS Pyramid Scheme Kickstarter.

Steve Jackson Games is bringing back their Pyramid magazine, or at least testing out bringing back Pyramid. The GURPS Pyramid Scheme Kickstarter looks like it’s digital-only, which makes sense. It’s also a bit of a relief. I didn’t do their Car Wars Kickstarter because my question on the origins of the physical materials was… ah, not answered to my satisfaction. But this looks safe enough.


We made it over the line for the six short story sampler stretch goal in the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter, leaving us a mere $900 to hit the last stretch goal in the next :looking at clock: five hours. Easy as pie! No problem at all, I’m sure. More importantly (and realistically): I can afford Backerkit at this point, so we’ll be using it for fulfillment and whatnot.

It’s been a fun and educational trip, this Kickstarter. If you signed up for it, thank you. And we’ve still got the morning for you folks who didn’t to get onboard! Hey: Always Be Closing.

11/17/20 Update, TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter.

We made it past the $1000 mark (thanks to both old and new backers)! That means we’re up to five stories in the short story sampler, and with any luck we’ll hit six before the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter ends. Which is excellent. There is still one $100 pledge level left for anybody who wants a character with their name in TINSEL RAIN; but time is, as they say, running out. The Kickstarter ends Thursday, after all.

11/16/20 UPDATE, TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter (60 hours to go!)

And so, we begin the final sprint. The TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Kickstarter has been very educational. I think even more so than the first one. The first one let me know there was an interest in my stuff; this one is letting me know what I need to do to work from there. Well, if it was easy everybody would do it, right?