Reintroducing my Kindle Vella story: THE STARS ARE WRONG.

I don’t want to just abandon THE STARS ARE WRONG: it’s a fun Cthulhu Mythos story where I was trying to switch things up a little. I don’t think it deserves to just end up as an academic footnote somewhere. So I’m putting up the link again, in the hopes it’ll get more play this time. Or, you know, any play at all.

Trying the Kindle Vella ‘thing:’ THE STARS ARE WRONG.

I dunno if this is going to work, but it’s worth an experiment, at least. THE STARS ARE WRONG is a novella (also, last month’s Patreon short story*) in a Cthulhu Mythos style… with a twist! And also provided in serial form. It’s functionally equivalent to the aforementioned Patreon offering, so if you’re a Patron there’s no need to check it out. Mostly I just want to see what happens.

Moe Lane

*Interestingly, Kindle Vella does not care about reprints. More or less: you can’t put up anything that you don’t have the rights to, or anything that’s available for free. But apparently being behind a paywall is fine.

FROZEN DREAMS and TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION go on Kindle Countdown on October 13th.

FROZEN DREAMS is my first novel (post-apocalyptic fantasy), and TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION is a collection of short stories, set in the same universe. Starting October 13th the Kindle versions will both be on sale for a week. Tell your friends! Heck, tell your acquaintances, professional colleagues, and people you see on the subway.

In the Mail: Kindle Fire HD 8 Plus (and case).

The case is a kid’s case, but it’s not for my kids: it’s for me. My old Kindle has valiantly kept running, but it’s old enough that the battery requires constant charging. I can almost see the electricity… huh. There’s no good metaphor, there. If your Kindle is leaking electricity you really don’t want to be anywhere near it.

Anyway, this is what the Christmas money bought me. The screen is a little smaller on the Fire HD 8 Plus than my old Kindle but boy is it fast. I possibly should have upgraded last year. I might even use it for more than quick email checking in the morning…

The *next* project.

It’s actually kind of interstitial. I realized that, hey: I have several years’ worth of short stories from my Patreon to draw from. I’ve picked out four of them (total word-count to be around 30-32K), one of which does need to be expanded a little because it could use it. They’re all horror, or at least horror-adjacent, with a common theme. The idea is to edit them some, have people read ’em, edit them some more, then release the four stories as a Kindle-only sampler.

Hopefully, I can get it done by the beginning of September. The only thing is, is this project a $.99 project, or is it a $1.99 one? Four stories, 32K words, remember. My inclination is to go with $.99, but I want people to take them seriously as stories…

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My review of the Amazon Fire Phone.

Bottom line is… the Amazon Fire Phone is a phone, sorry. I don’t speak uber-tech, or whatever: I can tell you that the phone is big enough to be able to see things on it; that it recharges pretty quick; that Twitter has been known to freeze more than that it does on my iPod; and that the map function, thankfully, works fine and can get you somewhere else even when you’ve gotten seriously lost. The layout is a lot like the Amazon Kindle Fire itself; it pulled my Kindle books over, no problem.

And, you know, you can make calls on it.

Bottom line is, there are glitches to the thing – I actually largely use it as a phone, because email and Twitter both are still a little hesitant to interface with it – but while it’s not as flashy as an iPhone the Amazon phone is also a danged sight cheaper, while doing the same basic tasks. God knows why I needed yet another electronic gadget to keep me wired, but this one hasn’t made me regret buying it yet. Although, admittedly, I need a cell phone these days anyway (and I don’t like that at all)…

So, I was asked about how I like the Kindle Fire HDX.

The short version is, I like it, but not for the reasons that I thought that I would. I thought that I’d like it for PDFs, but I haven’t gotten the hang of getting them organized yet.  However, the dang thing is incredibly light and I can actually use it to watch movies again.  Although I probably will have to set up a separate Netflix account for it, seeing as I have kids and everything.

So I am well pleased.

It is highly absurd that I can’t register the Kindle and the iPad…

…under the same email address for two separate data plans.  I have no intention of having them share the same data plan, either: the entire point of the Kindle HDX is to still have my own tablet even when one of my children has vultured the iPad.

Ehh.  Just venting.