The heavily-meta “Honest Trailers: Kong: Skull Island.”

There was some drama in August involving CinemaSins*, Kong: Skull Island, and KSI’s director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. This particular episode of Honest Trailers — which involves Vogt-Roberts showing up halfway through and ripping his own direction a new orifice — is not actually involved in said drama; it’s apparently just a genuine coincidence (they had asked Vogt-Roberts to come and do his own movie in July).  Regardless of the motivations, it’s a pretty good look at the flick itself. Continue reading The heavily-meta “Honest Trailers: Kong: Skull Island.”

Movie of the Week: Kong: Skull Island.

I’m sorry, but I liked Kong: Skull Island. I was very straightforward in my desires: I wanted to see a giant ape on the big screen, and they gave me a giant ape. This movie comes out next week on DVD, and I’m debating getting it.  I’ll want to be up to date before the next Monsterverse flick comes out, after all.

And so, adieu to Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated.

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Off to Kong: Skull Island.

Because if I don’t go see it while the sun is still shining and there’s still blue in the sky, God knows when I’m going to see it this week.  We’re right on the edge of the heavy snowfall zone – there’s just something about I-95 – and even if we get through all right the county as a whole will shut down. That means kids home for probably the next two days.

So. Movie time!

So, tomorrow. Kong: Skull Island, or The Great Wall?

Normally I’d just say Kong: Skull Island, but Howard Tayler actually thought The Great Wall was all right and there’s something to be said for seeing stuff like that on a big screen. I can’t really do two films in a week anymore, and if I do Kong tomorrow it’s going to be 3D IMAX (not exactly by choice: that’s the only venue showing it in the morning), which is gonna be expensive right there.  Thoughts?

So, Kong: Skull Island actually looks maybe promising.

Kong: Skull Island is set in the Vietnam War era, which sets off interesting Fall of Delta Green vibes in my head (not that the movie is Mythos). And I like King Kong flicks. And I like Samuel L Jackson. And I like John Goodman. Having this all combine makes me tentatively maybe a little hopeful…

Yes, yes, I’m an optimistic fool. So stipulated. But still.