In the e-Mail: Assassin’s Price (#11, The Imager Portfolio)

Assassin’s Price is LE Modesitt’s latest book in the Imager Portfolio, which is fantasy, more or less French, and spans a technology level running from late gunpowder to the early Victorian age. I enjoy the series, but it’s not exactly one that you can just start anywhere (you should probably start with, well, Imager).  It’s of particular note for me because the viewpoint character seems to be essentially a principled schemer and plotter; he’s an ambitious heir to the throne who has to sneak around his father’s back in order to… learn how basic markets and military strategies work.  Which honestly reminds me slightly of what King George IV of England supposedly had to go through while King George III was on the throne*. Continue reading In the e-Mail: Assassin’s Price (#11, The Imager Portfolio)

…Sorry: I decided to finish the latest Modesitt.

Rex Regis (The Imager Portfolio): it’s good, but it’s also the Kindle version, which means it was on the iPad, which means that I have to wait until the children are asleep before I can get back to the blessed thing.

Which is why the Christmas referrals are going towards getting a Kindle Fire.  I’m not as young as I used to be, and I’m kind of beat.

Book of the Week: Torch of Freedom.

Another one on the can’t-wait list: Torch of Freedom is Eric Flint and David Weber’s sequel to Crown of Slaves, which is itself one of the books of Weber’s Honorverse space opera series. Sort of Hornblower, only with starships. Suffice it to say that I buy these in hardcover, when I can.

So, it being Sunday, we replace the previous sequel (Imager’s Challenge: The Second Book of the Imager Portfolio) with this sequel.