In the (E-)Mail: House of Assassins eARC.

Yup, Larry Correia’s second book  (House of Assassins) in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior seriesis finally out as an electronic Advance Reader Copy.  I understand that many of you don’t do the eARC thing.  That’s cool.  I don’t really ‘get’ it, but it’s cool.  But if you find that you can’t quite wait for it to come out officially, well, the link above will take you to the book on the Baen website.


So, no Origins for me now.

I was planning to hit it this year as a reentry into the larger gaming con experience, but after this ridiculous Larry Correia dis-invitation nonsense I ain’t going.  Which is fine: it was going to be expensive, anyway… what? No, not the hotel and the registration or even the airfare. I was going to be at a gaming convention.  With a working credit card.  It was going to be a horrorshow, to the point where I might have had to decide on whether to jettison clothes to make room for purchases.

:spreads hands: But, hey, Origins: you do you. I’m sure that nobody wanted my money, anyway.

Moe Lane

PS: I recognize that this is close to the Line.  Sorry.  But I ain’t no coward.


Book(s) of the Week: Monster Hunter Memoirs series.

Just finished the Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints E-ARC, and I read Grunge and Sinners a while back.  They’re interesting books: Larry Correia and John Ringo managed to create a hero who I like and want to succeed, while at the same time seeing him as an utter a*shole.  That’s harder than it looks!  But, well, Correia and Ringo. They give good pulp action.

And so, adieu to Theodore Rex.


Gonna be a bumper Autumn 2018 book crop for @BaenBooks.

We’re getting a short story collection (Target Rich Environment) from Larry Correia in September, a new Honor Harrington (Uncompromising Honor) from David Weber in October, and a new series in the Black Tides Rising universe (The Valley of the Shadow) from John Ringo and Mike Massa in November. Plus I could have sworn that a new Heirs of Alexandria book was coming down the pike, but maybe not. These three from Baen are going to be worth it, right there. It’s been years since we had an actual Honor Harrington Honor Harrington novel. Can’t wait!



Book of the Week: Hard Magic: Book I of the Grimnoir Chronicles.

I chewed through Lartry Correia’s Grimnoir Chronicles this week, starting obviously with Hard Magic. I’m making this one the BotW despite the fact that my favorite scene happened in Warbound; it’s a good trilogy generally. Definitely worth a read, if you like Depression-era magic dieselpunk pulp.  Bizarrely, there are people who don’t.

And so, adieu to The Alamo.


In the mail: Son of the Black Sword.

I had not realized that Larry Correia’s Son of the Black Sword was based on what looks like Indian (as in, India Indian) culture and philosophy and whatnot.  This should be fun: that area is definitely underrepresented in Western fantasy literature, and there’s a lot of good stuff to work with. I look forward to reading this.


Book of the Week: Monster Hunter International.

Monster Hunter International is the first book in Larry Correia’s urban fantasy Monster Hunter series, which has a pretty straightforward premise: monsters exist.  People hunt them.  The basic concept is sound enough for a fantasy series; now add an awe-inspiring knowledge of gun porn and a cheerful willingness to show no mercy towards standard fantasy tropes (particularly when they would run smack dab into modern life*) and you have perfect Kindle-fodder.  Lots of fun.

So was Cthulhu 101, of course, but all things must end.


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