…I miss Larry Latham (Lovecraft is Missing artist/writer).

I never met Larry Latham face to face, but we corresponded a couple of times before he passed, and it cannot be denied Larry was writing one heck of a Lovecraftian webcomic (Lovecraft is Missing). Which has since disappeared off of the Internet, but you can read it here on the Wayback Machine. I hope somebody finishes it, someday.

‘Lovecraft is Missing’ is back! …For now.

The webcomic author (Larry Latham) has inoperable liver cancer. The treatment is apparently going well, but… we all know how that can go. In the meantime, Larry is getting the story finished up and has made arrangements for a replacement artist in case that’s necessary.

In the meantime, new comic and another one on Friday. I’ve always enjoyed Lovecraft is Missing: it has a good feel for the time period, including the aesthetic. I’m glad to see new content for it.

Prayers and good wishes for “Lovecraft is Missing’ webcomic artist Larry Latham…

cancer.  Which absolutely sucks; I only know him online, but he’s a good guy and I’ve stubbornly kept up with his comic. I hope and pray he gets better.

Moe Lane

PS: He also has a PayPal account (if that link doesn’t work, there’s a donation button on his sidebar).  I just cleaned out the dregs of mine to send his way; if you were planning to give me anything in the near future, I would take it as a personal favor if you just sent it his way instead.