Book of the Week: Dead Lies Dreaming (Laundry Files Book 10).

Hey, they finally got a publication date for Charlie Stross’s latest Laundry spy/cosmic horror novel! Dead Lies Dreaming, comes out in October. As you know, I enjoy this series, although these days it’s at least partially entertaining to me because I’m not scared of quite the same things that Stross is. I do genuinely respect how he’s moving along to the end of his world, though. The temptation is strong to just keep a popular series going forever, with nothing ever really permanent happening to the main characters. Charlie Stross isn’t doing this here, to put it mildly.

Yeah, this is gonna be a light-content weekend.

Lingering whatever-this-it, screaming headache from the low-pressure front that rolled in, and by the time I finally feel better Saturday I’m off to a family reunion.  So I’m going to stop worrying about generating content now and start worrying about, say, laundry.  Tomorrow is going to be a heavy laundry day; exciting news, I know. But at least it’s a slow week anyway.

An entertaining Laundry competition that I can’t participate in.

Well, I can participate in it, only it won’t do me any good: the prizes are for UK/EU/Australasians only.  Which is cool. I imagine that there’s any number of American-based contests that are just for Americans, only I haven’t noticed because I’m an American so why would it register?

It’s still a fun idea, though. Basically, Charlie Stross’s British publisher (Orbit) is running a contest where people send in occult gear that’s suitable for the Laundry, which is of course the UK’s bureaucratic institution dedicated to fighting the Mythos and preparing England for CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN (a cosmic horror apocalypse coming soon to a reality near you!). Anyway: just because I can’t win it doesn’t mean that I can’t write something up anyway. If only because it amuses me to do so. Continue reading An entertaining Laundry competition that I can’t participate in.