Pennsylvania Supreme Court strips away State AG Kathleen Kane’s law license.

Can a state Attorney General even do her JOB if her law license is suspended?  I suppose that there’s some way to do it – it’s an elected office, in Kathleen Kane’s case – but as a practical matter it seems a bit, well, odd to contemplate. Guess we’re about to find out: “The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has suspended the law license of the Democratic state attorney general Kathleen Kane, who is currently faces eight criminal charges and could see another felony tacked on shortly.”

AG Kane, by the way, refuses to resign and is insisting that she’ll be running for re-election next year. This would be great news, except that the odds of her surviving the Democratic primary at this point are nil. Of course, her antics will still be great for crushing the dreams of the eventual Democratic nominee anyway, so it’s a glass half-full, glass half-empty kind of situation, really.

(Via @freddoso)

I’d like a good, readable resource on how Artificial Intelligences might be treated by the law.

I don’t need one, alas – but it’s an interesting topic. I mean, surely a lawyer or three has sat down and thought out the legal implications of the existence non-human sapient beings, and how they would interact with existing case law.  The resource doesn’t have to be exhaustive; I’d be happy if it was an overview that wasn’t dull reading.

…I have odd hobbies.