So I hear that there’s going to be more layoffs at the New York Times.

Well, you know what they say: it’s a recession when a Righty loses his job, a depression when a Lefty loses his – and a Delayed Mayan Apocalypse when it happens to a member of the Media.


Well.  No, they actually don’t say that.  But they’re probably thinking that, which is really the important thing.

Moe Lane

PS: If they would like their readership back (which is how they would get their revenues back), the New York Times might try considering a strategy that does not assume that half of the country consists of Yahoos with the franchise.

Elections Have Consequences Watch: Scenes From The Layoff Wars. (NSFW)

I hope to God that all those anecdotes won’t also end up being backed up by the data, but not as much as the administration should be hoping:

Death spiral: Hours cut, workers pushed to part-time due to Obamacare; ‘They keep cutting my hours’

…note I said ‘administration.’ The President’s off playing golf this weekend. Again.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m sorry for anybody losing hours/take-home pay because their bosses have decided that they can’t afford to keep more full-time workers.  Even the folks so affected who voted for Obama (they might have dependents, pets, whatnot).  But to the ones who did vote for Obama and who are now getting screwed by Obamacare, I do have a suggestion that’s ripped right off of the Marxists: vote your fucking class interest next time, folks.