#rsrh Who is insulted more? Carnahan, or Fisher?

The question raised by this WJS correction is a real head-scratcher in that regard:

Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, a Democrat, is running against Republican Rep. Roy Blunt for U.S. Senate. Lee Fisher, the lieutenant governor of Ohio, is running for the U.S. Senate in his state. In some editions Tuesday, a front-page article about political spending for Republican candidates incorrectly said that Rep. Blunt is running against Mr. Fisher and that Mr. Fisher is Missouri’s lieutenant governor.

Ach, well, it’ll be academic starting next January anyway.  For both of them.

Ohio and the limits to Demagoguery.

The unusual thing about this article (“Losing the Class War“) is not its message.  Its message is in fact pretty straightforward: to wit, that the Democratic nominees for Senator and Governor in Ohio are both trying, and failing, to rouse public anger against the Republican nominees through some good, old-fashioned pseudo-populist demagoguery.  They’re trying this because both Gov. Strickland (who is losing his re-election bid to John Kasich) and Lt. Gov. Fisher (who is losing the Senate race to Rob Portman) are heavily reliant on Big Labor to generate some sort of buzz for their moribund campaigns; and they’re failing because under their watch Ohio’s economy has, well, tanked.  More to the point, the population of Ohio is aware that the current leadership team of Ohio consists of two gibbering, would-be rabble-rousers who apparently have, as they say, Poor Impulse Control.  So, again, that’s not the unusual thing of that article.

No, the unusual thing is that it was on NPR: there’s some sort of partnership thing going on there with National Review Online.  I guess somebody over at NPR can put two and two together, and get Armageddon

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Strickland, Fisher cronies/donors indicted.

OK, this one is going to require a bit of background.  Short version: Ohio courts have just indicted a bunch of Democrats – some of whom have links to both Governor Strickland (D-OH) and Lt Governor Fisher (D-OH) – in a complicated real estate corruption case.  The word ‘tendrils’ comes to mind: stick around and you’ll see why. Continue reading Strickland, Fisher cronies/donors indicted.

Giannoulias, Fisher go abroad to raise money from trial lawyers.

Along the way, they ran over a polar bear cub with their SUV, then tied it to the bumper with an American flag and dragged it along for a couple of miles.

…while smoking cigarettes.


The Giannoulias Democratic Illinois Senate campaign confirmed Monday–after prodding from the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee–that Alexi Giannoulias was in Canada on Sunday attending a fund-raiser at a trial lawyer convention in Vancouver that would benefit his Senate campaign.


Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Lee Fisher was in Canada yesterday to attend a reception with a group of American trial lawyers that is supporting his campaign, the Fisher campaign said today.

The Giannoulias campaign didn’t want to admit to the fundraising junket at all, while the Fisher campaign tried the novel technique of trying to frame it in terms of a fact-finding tour about lost Ohio jobs (apparently, Rob Portman has amazing powers over space and time; either that, or he mentally dominated Lee Fisher into losing jobs for Ohio).  I don’t see why evasions and lying – excuse me; ‘jokes’ – are necessary, here.  Trial lawyers are some of the most loyal Democratic donors in existence: they’ve paid out millions (if not billions) in campaign contributions, and get hundreds of billions in protection and opportunities* in exchange.  Shouldn’t the Democrats be proud of their patrons?

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Fisher without Bait: tales of the 2Q in Ohio.

The Democrat’s not exactly running rampant, there.

The 2nd quarter results are in for Rob Portman (R) and Lee Fisher (d), and it’s not… actually, it’s quite pretty.  Portman brought in almost three times as much cash (2.65 million vs. 1 million) and has an almost nine-to-one advantage in cash-on-hand right now (8.8 million to 1 million).  I originally got the latter’s details via email: for some reason, Fisher isn’t bragging about his inadequate performance on his own site.  As to whether his campaign’s enervated financial state will translate to a loss this November, well, Fisher’s own pleas from earlier say it all:

“Potential supporters will look at our next contribution report to measure our campaign’s readiness and decide whether they want to step onto the field or sit on the sidelines this fall,” he wrote in email June 29, one day before his second quarter fund-raising report closed.

So true, so true.

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Lee Fisher (D CAND, OH-SEN) and sweet, sweet corporate lobbyist money.

Dirty, dirty lobbyist money, too – at least, if you’re a progressive – but that just adds that little sparkle to Lee’s eyes, I’m betting.  He’s got that look.

Lobbyists for drug, oil and hedge fund industries to mix, mingle with Lee Fisher and Sherrod Brown

Read the entire article, which first lists some of the Big Pharma, Big Oil, and hedge fund clients of these sweet, dirty corporate lobbyists that are raising sweet, dirty corporate money for Lee Fisher’s (D) sweet, dirty corporate-funded Senate campaign.  After that comes the passage that I really want people to see:

But that’s the problem with political rhetoric. When are these good lobbyists, and when are they bad? Does it matter to Democrats if they’re lobbying the Democratic side rather than the GOP? We won’t badmouth lobbyists in this blog post, but we’ll let Fisher do it. As he wrote in the Huffington Post in April: “And for years, Washington insiders like our Republican opponent here in Ohio, Congressman Rob Portman, have lined their pockets with contributions from Wall Street’s army of lobbyists while turning a blind eye to this looming financial disaster.”

Tomorrow might be a good time to tell that to a Managed Funds Association lobbyist.

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Reducing OH unemployment, one jobs czar at a time.

It’s… innovative, for a given value of ‘innovative:’ creating a new job in the Ohio state government to address why the Ohio state government has not been able to create jobs, I mean.

Ohio needs a jobs czar to envision ways of putting Ohioans back to work and to coordinate programs scattered across nine state agencies, a new report concludes.

The report, “Help Wanted: a Lead State workforce official,” depicts a system of overlapping and splintered programs and strategies that it says could be strengthened through a unity of purpose. The nonprofit Columbus-based Community Research Partners in Columbus released the report Thursday.

The above word ‘lead’ is meant in terms of ‘head’ or ‘chief’… and not in terms of ‘heavy, toxic weight,’ which is an accurate representation of the general effect of Democratic party policies on Ohio’s unemployment rate since Ted Strickland took office four years ago. 11%, these days: at this rate, they’ll have a czar to address why the job-creation czar hasn’t created more than one job by no later than June.  The state’s only hope is that they can somehow accelerate the process to the point where a new czar pops into existence every second… Continue reading Reducing OH unemployment, one jobs czar at a time.