My official statement on the Copenhagen ‘baby giraffe culled, fed to lions’ thing.

I do not, in fact, object to a zoo giraffe being ‘culled,’ per se.  There was apparently a giant to-do over the entire thing; and while I understand the ‘save the cute baby giraffe’ impulse the zookeepers have a point: zoo animals have a bit of a genetic bottleneck situation going on.  And if you’re going to kill an animal, you shouldn’t just throw it away afterward. Lions, in point of fact, eat giraffes (when they can): it is not unreasonable thing to feed them freshly-killed giraffe meat. (more…)


‘The lion, the midgets, and the wardrobe malfunction.’

Long story about the above – do yourself a favor and never let any email list get infected with an argument over which side would actually win this fight, because said argument will never, ever end – but I personally think that it’s an absolutely killer title.

I just don’t know what it would be about.

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