Quote of the Day, Liz Cheney’s War On The War On Coal edition.

If the Bad Thing still happens, I think that I would miss, at least, covering this race:

Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney is making coal a centerpiece of her congressional campaign following massive layoffs at two of the largest coal mines in the state that were announced earlier this month.

In an interview with the Washington Free Beacon, Cheney called Wyoming’s coal a national treasure and said that the massive layoffs at the two mines would not only be felt in the immediate communities, but throughout the economy.

Assuming, of course, that Liz Cheney wins the primary.

Liz Cheney running for Wyoming At-Large seat.

Incumbent Cynthia Lummis is retiring and the seat is R+22, mostly because it’s also the state of Wyoming and Wyoming is deep, deep, deep Republican territory. Judging from this, Liz Cheney has a decent if not guaranteed shot at the nomination; and she won’t be hurt by the fact that it’s her father’s old seat. As to the general… the last Democratic Congressman from Wyoming retired in 1978*.  So, again, it’s a pretty safe seat.

Should be an interesting primary race. Especially when the antiwar Left notices that she’s running. They’re gonna go nuts

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Moe Lane

*Teno Roncalio.  Apparently an all right guy. War hero. Shame he was a Democrat, really.

The NYT concerns-troll over a possible Liz Cheney run in Wyoming.

I’m not going to bother to quote it: the short version is, apparently the Old Gray Lady is worried about what will happen to the poor Wyoming GOP if Liz Cheney decides to face off with Michael Enzi in a primary next year.  Let me tell you what will happen: Cheney will win, or Enzi will win, or maybe a third person will win the primary.  Whoever does win will then run in a state that is reliably conservative, reliably Republican, and who will have a Democratic opponent that can and will be accurately described as a puppet for the liberal Democratic establishment.

I have no real beef with Mike Enzi: we disagree on Internet taxation, but there are good arguments on both sides of that issue.  I will be happy to see him win reelection. But the party is healthier when there are real primaries*.

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Moe Lane

*Now, if somebody involved in all of this wants my advice**… perhaps Enzi should retire, and perhaps Rep. Cynthia Lummis should run for his seat, and perhaps Cheney could run for Lummis‘ seat.  Mind you, I don’t live in Wyoming, so everybody involved can be more than free to ignore me.

**Doubtful, but you never know.

‘Boring’ sounds like a wonderful quality for a 2012 candidate.

To evoke Terry Pratchett, what I’m going to be looking for is a candidate who I think will actively try to ensure that tomorrow is going to be pretty much like today.

Liz Cheney (via Gateway Pundit) has some thoughts about whatever person we stick with the 2012 cleanup job is in for:

I’m personally not all that interested in talking 2012 until we’re done with 2010, but if I had to make a decision right now I’m going to take the position that ‘boring’ would be a nice default quality to have in our next candidate. So does ‘dull:’ it’s been just over a year since we started to live in interesting times, and I’m pretty much done with the sensation, thanks.

Moe Lane

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Liz Cheney: no middle ground.

Another good bit from Liz Cheney:

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Allahpundit is a little surprised that Liz’s popularity with the base has risen so quickly; I’m not. For whatever reason, a full-throat defense of Bush’s decisions on how to fight the GWOT were few and far between during the Bush administration itself, and that grated with Republicans. It grated on me, in fact, and I take the position that Bush actually didn’t have much choice in the matter. So, when Liz showed up last month and casually obliterated Norah O’Donnell… water to thirsty soil, my droogies. Like water to thirsty soil.

I will note one thing, however: while it would have been nice to have this conversation during the last campaign, it wouldn’t have happened even if Cheney had somehow been running for President. Based on the actual campaign and extrapolating, the Democrats would have instead run on a platform that equally highlighted Cheney’s age, his aim, and his lesbian daughter.

Moe Lane

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Liz Cheney breaks Norah O’Donnell on ‘torture’ discussion.

“When they capture American soldiers, they cut off their heads.”

And, honestly? She didn’t even break a sweat.

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This is how you do it, by the way. You don’t let them define the agenda; you certainly don’t let them define the terms; you concede nothing (you can always agree, but you do not concede); you keep going back to a disputed point over and over again until they get tired of trying to sneak one past you; you never lose your cool; when you catch them trying a stupid tactic like read a headline and pretend that it’s established truth, you call them on it without a hint of self-consciousness; and in this case, you don’t accept the other side’s presumptuous bluff that they speak for the American people. Because they don’t.

And you don’t give a tinker’s dam if they like you afterward. To quote Truman: if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.

Moe Lane

PS: Good job, Ms. Cheney. Just in case my reaction wasn’t already clear.

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