Location Seed: Salamander’s Firebreeze Resort.

Blame this.


Salamander’s Firebreeze Resort


It startles some people when they find out that there’s a luxury resort that’s exclusively for fire elementals. First off, there are people who do not actually know that there are fire elementals. I mean, it’s obviously not a secret, or anything: but apparently some parents don’t teach their kids the facts about elementals of various sorts, and since there are various treaties in place that forbid the videotaping of regular, law-abiding supernatural entities (or otherwise determining their True Names) some people can go twenty, thirty years without ever actually getting the head’s-up.  Weird how folks can get bubbled, huh?



Location seed: Bennett’s Pier, Delaware.

It’s weird, how easy it’d be to hide dead towns before Google Earth.  And maybe after it, too.



Bennett’s Pier, Delaware

The town of Bennett’s Pier in Delaware actually predates Kent County itself; it was founded in 1679.  It was a prosperous enough agricultural and fishing community for virtually its entire existence, having neither major crises or notoriety.  In 1940 the US Census for the town reported its population as being 2,341, which made it a respectable town and close to city by Delaware standards.

There is no 1950 Census listing for the town.



Location seed: 909 Beethoven Street.

I was expecting this to go elsewhere.


909 Beethoven Street


This two story residence in coastal New Jersey is a fairly standard wooden house with a nice back yard and a couple of trees to give it shade. There’s no central air, but since it was originally designed to be a summer home there’s plenty of windows to catch the breeze and the house is pleasant enough except in the hottest of summers.  The fixtures are kept up to date, but not fanatically so. There are three bedrooms, but one is a converted craft/storage space. Two bathrooms. All in all, the site is nice, but not immediately remarkable.



Location Seed: Mys Shmidta.


Mys Shmidta

Most modern occult historians pick 1954 for the ‘official’ start of the USA/USSR esoteric ‘Shadow Struggle’ that took place around, behind, and below the exoteric ‘Cold War.’  The various Western Shadow Governments had hoped that Stalin’s self-assassination (it’s a long story, and one that involves a botched immortality spell and a mirror) would allow for an easing of tensions, but Nikita Khrushchev was unfortunately just the right combination of bloody ambition and secret credulousness to be willing to use the supernatural as a weapon, and never mind what Marx and Lenin said about dialectic materialism.  There was a lot of immediate results from Khrushchev’s tacit declaration of war, ranging from the Battle of Dien Bien Phu to the adoption of In God We Trust on all American currency – but it’s the Siberian military base at Mys Shmidta that is of interest, here. (more…)


Location Seed: Happy World.

Based, more or less, on this.


Happy World

Type of City: Brigadoon/Carcosa

Population: Highly variable. Typically between 25,000 and 150,000.

Size: Variable. Usually roughly between 20 and 50 square miles.

Level of Technology: A range between the late Victorian and early Interplanetary era-equivalents.

It is said – although nowhere that a regular person might hear it – that every time the concept of an individual amusement park or carnival dies, the ever-shifting and moving city known as ‘Happy World’ will appear to draw in a piece of that doomed park unto itself.  Typically this means that when a carnival goes out of business, some of its buildings and attractions (and staffers!) somehow vanish in the chaos.  But Happy World will still come and do its harvesting if the park was never actually built in the first place. Dreams, reality, material, immaterial; it is all one to Happy World. (more…)


Location seed: the Inn of the Woeful Dog.

Annnnd blame this.

The Inn of the Woeful Dog

Whether or not this place (typically found in the better sort of ‘where the walls of reality are thin’ neighborhoods) qualifies as a ‘refuge’ or ‘trap’ depends on your point of view. Some more-or-less involuntary residents think it’s both. But if it is a trap, at least it’s not one with active malice behind it. (more…)

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