Location Seed: The Pool of Terre Haute.

The Pool of Terre Haute

57 S 21st Street, Terre Haute, Indiana

Description: two story single-family residence, wooden frame, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, car park to the side, decent yard in back.  Unoccupied, but maintained. There is a hatch in the basement that leads to a pre-Columbian underground stone-lined room. The room has a shallow (1ft deep) pool in the exact center: there is no obvious water source, but the water is continually clear and fresh.

Properties: variable.  Drinking from the pool results in a dramatic transformation of some sort.  The effects range from the mundane (winning the lottery, going blind) to the unquestionably esoteric (de-aging, bodily transformation, instant and irrevocable death), but the effects are always permanent, and people only get one drink from the Pool.  Theurgists and magicians both report that the anima behind the Pool is essentially benevolent, but it is neither ‘nice’ nor ‘sentimental.’  At least, towards adults; the Pool is remarkably more forgiving and solicitous of children.

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Location Seed: Rutherford College.

Rutherford College

Type: Four-year college (B.S., B.Eng, M.Eng)

Founded: 1949

Location: Milburn, Nebraska

Attendance: 8,000

Faculty to Student ratio: 1:12

Accreditation: ABET

Rutherford College is located more or less in the center of Nebraska, and is considered a very good but not unusual engineering/technical school. Students generally live and spend most of their time on campus, as the surrounding community does not offer many amenities for students; in fact, many of the locals traditionally go to the Rutherford campus instead for their entertainment.  The college offers reduced tuition and a fairly solid Associates program for local residents; most townies who go past a high school education started their college careers at Rutherford.

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Location seed: the USS Oriskany Special Consulate.

USS Oriskany Special Consulate

You know, they don’t normally sink upright aircraft carriers with the Oriskany’s combat record.  There’s the matter of all those ghosts that will come along for the ride, you see.  But then, the ghosts are sort of the point.

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Location Seed: O’Donnell’s.


Description: a single story (plus basement) brick and wood restaurant located somewhere suitably semi-rural, in the epicenter of a blighted circle one half-acre in diameter.  And ‘blighted’ is no exaggeration; the circle is sterile, in the sense that nothing is capable of reproducing inside of it. That not just includes plant life; not even bacteria can successfully reproduce there.  That includes the intestinal bacteria typically found within an investigator’s body — or, for that matter, an investigator’s various internal cells. Staying much longer than a day inside the O’Donnell’s ‘blasted zone’ is contraindicated, and pregnant women should avoid the place entirely.

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Location seed: Morbis Street.

Morbis Street

Description: In many walled medieval cities, there is a street just inside the walls that likewise continuously encircles the rest of the city.  Morbis Street serves that function in a particular High Fantasy medieval-style walled city. Most of the year it’s perfectly normal.  

One night a year, however (the exact date doesn’t matter, as long as it’s the same date every year), anyone who ‘Walks Up Morbis Street’ while carrying a certain arcane symbol vanishes, never to return.  And if somebody does walk the Street on that night and vanishes, then somebody else (carrying the same arcane symbol) will appear, too.  A person for a person.  Most people who arrive do so with at most a traveler’s pack, but at least one person has arrived pushing a handcart.

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Location Seed: The Ghost Barracks.

The Ghost Barracks

Location: Kay Moor Mine, West Virginia

Description: three-level underground fallout shelter, with residential and office space.  No garage as such, but there are kitchens, storage areas, and a small machine shop.  The power and water still work, but the ventilation system always seems to be in need of a serious overhaul.  The site can be accessed both from the main mine, and a disguised passageway that originates in a culvert on the New River Gorge.

Purpose: “Long-term stable storage space for various personalized paraphernalia used to facilitate standard individualized post-mortem communication protocols.” In English: it’s where they keep stuff that can be used to summon specific ghosts.

Capacity: designed for fifty people, for six months.  It can host a considerably larger number of ghosts, of course.  Currently, the Ghost Barracks is set up to accommodate about six to ten living people indefinitely; the mortal staff is rotated in and out regularly, and often uses the site as a staging area for local supernatural operations (which, incidentally, occur in the Appalachians with no little frequency).

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Location Seed: The Sybil at Suds-Your-Duds.

The Sybil at Suds-Your-Duds

Description: One wall of eight front-loaded washers with circular glass lids, located in the back of an otherwise normal laundromat.  Above each washer is a continuous metal shelf with eight wicker baskets (one for each washer). A bleached plastic chair at one end is reserved for the use of the current Sybil.  The Sybil does not have to be present constantly, but she (traditionally referred to as ‘she,’ although more than one man has temporarily been one) always lives onsite, and never takes vacations.

The organization that keeps the Sybil at Suds-Your-Duds running at full capacity is not at the laundromat.  It will not let you visit the laundromat for your divination until you have and can show everything that you will need for your divination.  Do not try to waste the organization’s time: somebody else wants your time slot, and will be able to take it over on no more than five minutes’ notice.

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Location Seed: Neo-Karuizawa.


Karuizawa (Nagano Prefecture, Japan) is a resort town east and south of Tokyo.  It has about twenty thousand inhabitants, numerous sporting and recreational facilities, and is generally considered to be a very nice place to visit.  One of its major claims to fame is that is the only city in the world to host events from both a Summer and Winter Olympics, and there was an unpleasant domestic terrorist event there decades ago; but today generally Karuizawa is simply a pleasant, charming vacation spot.

Which is why it’s so odd that a clone of it is growing in the jungles of Tristan da Cunha.

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Location Seed: The Academy of Saint Philomena.

The Academy of Saint Philomena

Location: Poughkeepsie, New York

Founded: 1791

Faculty: 400

Students: 1200, grades 9 to 12

Student to Teacher Ratio: 3:1

Colors: Purple and Green

Motto: Rectam aculeos 

This private boarding school is not where They train the nation’s mundane elite; nor is where they train the next generation of Illuminati wonder-workers.  To the dismay of new students, there are no mystic portals or labs full of ultra-tech gadgetry at the Academy of Saint Philomena (a resolutely secular institution, despite the name).  The students there take no classes on wizardry or theurgy or Mad Science or any of the rest of the dangerous, but often useful, incongruities currently being kept from the Masses. No, St. Phillie is where students learn how to keep the people with those incongruities firmly in check.

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Location Seed: The Gravid Impressions.

The Gravid Impressions

Description: one of seven caves found scattered around the world.  The caves all feature odd markings of clearly artificial, but also clearly non-human, make.  The entrance to the Avian and Procyon caves are too small to be easily navigated by humans, and the Cephalopod cavern is underwater.  All of the caves fairly hum with theurgical power.


  • Avian (location: Somerset)
  • Cetacean (location: Timor Sea)
  • Cephalopod (location: Indian Ocean)
  • Pachyderm (location: Kenya)
  • Pinniped (location: La Plata)
  • Procyon (location: Ohio)
  • Ursine (location: Siberia)
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