I am having the Vacation Dread.

Basically, I am even now getting terrified that the Delta Green shipment will land on my doorstep when I’m off for a couple of days drinking rum punches and trying manfully not to correct tour guides on their 18th Century spooky American folklore.  Seriously, Colonial Williamsburg trips a lot of the wrong sensors for me. I keep reacting to the people there likey they’re essentially out-of-period rogue SCAdians, but they’re not: and that’s more of a problem than it sounds, because it means that I keep assuming that anybody talking about, say, a phantom Arctic ghost ship will have the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in that particular interdisciplinary topic.   (more…)

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I do not say that Jack Lew’s signature disqualifies him for Treasury Secretary.

I am saying that it’s… well, look.


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Seriously?  When New York Magazine says that something is a problem for a Democrat, then something is a problem for a Democrat.  That’s maybe going to go on our dollar bills if we’re not careful… or if Jack Lew doesn’t learn how to write his name out legibly.  I suggest some emergency Palmer penmanship therapy.

(H/T: Jim Geraghty)

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