Please. Lemuria and Mu were the FIRST things that I thought of.

I was all set to mock the author of this article  reporting on the discovery of the remains of an ancient micro-continent between Madagascar and India, only s/he managed to demonstrate an acceptable knowledge of the genre of lost continents at the end of the article:

Of course the word Atlantis is the first to drift across the transom of your hot and fevered mind, unbidden and unlooked for; you are a product of your time. But let the wind whisper to you also the name of Mu, of Lemuria, of Thule and Hyperborea, of Rutas, of Lyonesse and Ys, of Hohoq, of Buyan and Shambhala, of Terra Australis, of the formless and nameless unknown lands murmuring of ancient glories just below the waves.

I will even grant that Buyan was a new one on me (Slavic, supposedly linked to Koschei the Deathless).  But that’s all right; the author forgot Hy Brasil.

Moe Lane

(Via Fark Geek)

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